Thursday, June 9, 2011

Zagreb set list

It was the return of Richie Sambora and the first show of Bon Jovi's European leg. Jon retained the lead vocals on Lay Your Hands on Me and Richie didn't get a solo song, but it was probably the best set in quite some time.

Zagreb, Croatia - Maksimir Stadium - June 8, 2011
Raise Your Hands
You Give Love a Bad Name
Born To Be my Baby
We Weren't Born to Follow
In These Arms
It's My Life
Blaze of Glory
Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars
We Got it Going On
Bad Medicine / Oh, Pretty Woman [Roy Orbison cover]
Lay Your Hands on Me
Bed of Roses
I'll Be There for You
Something for the Pain [acoustic]
Someday I'll be Saturday Night [acoustic]
Who Says You Can't go Home
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Love's the Only Rule
Have a Nice Day
Keep the Faith

Hey God
Wanted Dead or Alive
These Days
Livin' on a Prayer

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  1. Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars is missing from your setlist. I think it was after We got it going on.

  2. Sometimes I really hate this band... I travel all over the US to see them (not Canada mind you) and their first show back in Europe is better than anything since their Vancouver.

    Next tour, I am seeing them once. In Munich or Vancouver or Dublin. Instead of giving that money to BJ, I am giving it to Delta or whoever flies internationally.

    Yes, this is my jealousy talking. :)

  3. To quench the jealousy a bit, I have a good friend from Manchester who has seen them twice in London and twice in New York and still prefers the "atmosphere" of the NY shows. ;)

  4. Setlist has been updated according to what's posted on Thanks for the heads up, mroz! :)

  5. Nothing better than a BJ show in New York. Still keeping my fingers crossed he does a summer show at New Giants Stadium, although that looks slim.....Linn in CT

  6. I travel to concerts but this show in Europe is the best.


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