Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jon Bon Jovi on his injury and Clarence Clemons

This was posted on Bon Jovi's Facebook page after the Horsens concert (June 19):
Hi guys - everything went fine last night in Denmark, just a little soreness. The brace takes the pressure off but it's just a precaution until the surgery next month. We're moving forward as usual.

However, as we continue on, it was also important to us to honor our friend Clarence Clemons. His passing is a sad loss and we wanted to honor him, his family, his bandmates and his many friends. Our performance of “10th Avenue Freeze Out” was from all of us, as your fans. -jbj

If you haven't seen them, I previously posted videos of Jon's knee injury in Helsinki and Bon Jovi's cover of Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out.

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