Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Videos from Zagreb

Bon Jovi kicked off their European tour in Zagreb, Croatia on June 8, 2011. It also marked the return of Richie Sambora after spending May in rehab.

This is my blog so obviously my bias is going to come through, but they played three These Days songs in Zagreb and all of them are going to be posted below. ;)

Hey God

I've heard better renditions but Jon usually takes some time to "warm up" at the start of a leg. I enjoyed the performance and it's nice to see Richie back. Also nice to hear some voices singing along to this song.

These Days

Damn, what a great song. That's all.

Something for the Pain

Shot from the second tier. Something for the Pain was one of my favourite moments in Perth so I for one don't think I could get sick of them playing it.

And now for a couple of others...

Love's the Only Rule

Probably my favourite live track from The Circle, Jon messes up the lyrics a little bit here but that's okay. ;)

Have a Nice Day

Jon has a hood on and Richie's rocking the double-necked guitar.

Wanted Dead or Alive

"Are there any cowboys in Croatia? Let's find out." The Zagreb fans taking lead vocals the first verse. :)

There are more great videos over at Hath's Circle Tour Blog. I'll have some Dresden videos up next.

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