Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brokenpromiseland by bounce442 + Wanted Dead or Alive by Cody Simpson

Blame It On The Love reader bounce442 has uploaded his cover of Brokenpromiseland, mashed up with a snippet of Born to Be My Baby. I really enjoyed this Bruce Springsteen-inspired arrangement; it reminded me a little of The River and Nebraska...

Vocals by Justin Lawrence and arrangement/instruments by Marshall Hawkins. Also check out their covers of Novocaine and If I Was Your Mother if you haven't already.

Meanwhile, 14-year-old Cody Simpson has been dubbed the Aussie Justin Bieber but here's a video of him at the age of 12 playing a Bon Jovi classic... Wanted Dead or Alive. It's not perfect and he doesn't quite pull off "I've seen a million and I've rocked them all." But it's kind of cute, and whatever you think of his music, the kid can sing.

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  1. Cool cover from bounce 442, I think I would have personally preferred for it to be 100% acoustic but that's just me. Nice ambience to the track.


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