Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Videos from Munich

Before Bon Jovi hits the stage in Norway, I want to post some videos from their June 12 show in Munich, Germany. The first 10 songs of the concert were streamed live so if you want to watch or rewatch that webcast you'll find it at this link.

Lay Your Hands on Me

Lay Your Hands was kind of Richie's song before he went to rehab, but I prefer Jon's voice on this one (I want Richie singing Homebound Train or something with a little more blues). Great to see the Sambora "sex faces" in action again though. ;)

I'll Be There For You

Jon and Richie sharing the circle platform again, after Jon unofficially dedicated this song to Richie during last month's shows. Additional lyrics from 5:55 (Corrections welcome):
And I'll be there for you
If you want me
I'll... be there... for you
If you need me
C'mon ask me
Oh, I'll be there for you
Just call my name
In the pouring rain
In the morning I'll come home
Just to be in your arms again
Ah ah ah
Ah ah ah
Ah ah ah
Ah, I'll be there for you

Bells of Freedom (acoustic)

They pulled this out at the previous show in Dresden, but who knows if/when they'll play it again?


It's always a joy to see this in the set. I still remember when it made its long awaited return in Des Moines on the Lost Highway Tour. Since then, it's probably been played often enough to no longer be considered a true rarity... but as their biggest hit ever, Always should be a staple song anyway.

Dry County

I've heard some fans refer to sets with Dry County, Always, Bed of Roses, These Days, etc as complete vanilla because they're no longer rare. I find that interesting. I mean, I love set list variation too, but that doesn't mean I want Bon Jovi to stop playing great songs. Anyway, I have a lot of favourite songs and it depends on my mood but Dry County is what I keep going back to if I'm forced to pick just one.

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  1. Dry County - absolutely nailed it! Superb!! Four blokes at the very top of their game. Would love that in 9 and 12 days or six weeks even. Pleeeeease

  2. Always outro solo is the best of this tour ... maybe the best I've heard since the Wembley 95 version. Outstanding (a few bum notes, but the emotion and the runs are perfect together).


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