Saturday, June 18, 2011

Videos from Oslo

A couple of videos from Bon Jovi's June 15 concert in Oslo. Haven't been able to find a video of Damned yet, but hopefully someone did capture it.

Wild is the Wind

There's a bit of a goof here and Jon sends a death stare in the Richie Sambora direction. But I love that they played this!

I'd Die For You

Not exactly my favourite Slippery When Wet song but I love them playing it anyway. Speaking of verses and choruses, the verses crap all over the chorus of this song... JMHO. ;)

Bed of Roses

Camera work's a bit shaky but it's right up close so you can have one of those "OMG Jon is looking right at me" moments. Haha. :P

Diamond Ring / I'll Be There For You

Nice view of Richie doing his thang. He's also using an electric guitar for Diamond Ring.

Visit Hath's Circle Tour Blog for all the videos from the show in due course.


  1. Actually, it wasn't Richie who screw it up. Jon made a mistake when he tried to sing the second chorus instead the first one. Notice that both chorus are not the same.

  2. Oh! In the previous comment I was talking about "Wild is the wind"

  3. Damn, Damned is the only one Im really really excited to hear. :(


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