Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jon Bon Jovi's knee injury in Helsinki

Jon strained the medial collateral ligament (MCL) in his knee during Bon Jovi's Helsinki Olympic Stadium concert on June 17, as I mentioned in the last post.

This is the moment it happened, midway through Love's the Only Rule. Jon lets out a yell at about 0:28 and grabs his leg.

Jon gingerly makes his way out to the circle. He's in obvious discomfort at the end of Love's the Only Rule and the start of When We Were Beautiful.

This isn't the first time Jon's hurt himself this tour, having also torn his calf at the new Meadowlands Stadium in July 2010. To his credit, he didn't skip a beat then either.

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  1. Jon did more than just pull a ligament during the show since he had surgery before playing Istanbul. I'd seen him in a knee brace on a video quite awhile ago but prior to this, I never knew what it was. His brother sent out a tweet that surgery went well. As a veteran of 7 surgeries, thanks to blowing out 3 ligaments and tearing meniscus cartilage, it wasn't too hard to see that he did some damage. I can't believe he was able to keep performing without a stool or something to sit on to be honest, but since it was the MCL rather than the ACL, he was probably just as well off to keep trying to move it. I couldn't hear what he uttered when it popped but I'd be surprised if it was anything sugar coated. If you've never hurt your knee, you are so lucky. I guess I'm going to have to see what he did to his calf. That one I know nothing about.


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