Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Christmas Isn't Christmas music video out now

Behind-the-scenes photo of the shooting of the Christmas Isn't Christmas video. Bon Jovi is sitting on a stool surrounded by bar patrons and Christmas decorations.
Behind the scenes shot of Christmas Isn't Christmas video.
Photo: Bon Jovi/Facebook.

 Bon Jovi's first original holiday song in three decades dropped last month, and now the official music video for "Christmas Isn't Christmas" has been released!

It's enough to warm even my Grinchy heart, lol. Check it out:

The video features everyone in the current lineup at a bar decked out in Christmas lights. (I think it's Santa's Pub in Nashville, someone correct me if I'm wrong.) There is a bit of a visual hierarchy in a place -- Jon singing on his own; the old-timers in David Bryan, Tico Torres and Hugh McDonald having a drink together; then the relative newbies, Phil X, playing guitar and having a laugh with Everett Bradley and John Shanks. 

Bon Jovi band posing at Santa's Pub with a man in a long grey/white beard.
Santa and the band at Santa's Pub.
Photo: Bon Jovi/Facebook.

Interspersed with all of that are various people singing karaoke, enjoying festivities with loved ones or drowning their sorrows alone. Pretty decent reflection of Christmas if I do say so myself -- it's a great time for some, and depressing AF for others. 

I really like the song and the video (though it's summer at Christmastime where I live). What do you think?

Feel free to share your thoughts below. 😊
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Saturday, November 18, 2023

New Bon Jovi music! Christmas Isn't Christmas + other holiday gifts

I officially came out of hibernation on my socials this week to fangirl over the fact that Bon Jovi was releasing an original Christmas song for the first time since "I Wish Every Day Could Be Like Christmas" back in 1992.

"Christmas Isn't Christmas" dropped this week (17 November) and I may or may not have snuck away from my work to listen to it for the first time. (It's only three-and-a-half minutes, calm down.)

Check out the lyric video: 

I'm not really the festive type, but I quite like this song and it feels right for Bon Jovi at this point in their career. Definitely beats Jon sanitising "Fairytale of New York" to stay on brand. 😉

Here's Jon talking about writing the song as a gift to his parents and kids when they couldn't all be together for the holidays:

What do you think of the track? You can download or stream "Christmas Isn't Christmas" right now. 😊

I'm also not really into board games or tabletop games, because I'm just no fun like that, lol. But if that's something you do with your family and friends, you can now add Bon Jovi's 40th anniversary Monopoly to your stack.

Here's Jon playing it with David Bryan, Phil X and John Shanks:

If you're keen, you can order your Bon Jovi Monopoly set from the online store.

In other news, Jon Bon Jovi was announced last month as the 2024 MusiCares Person of the Year. He'll be honoured at a benefit gala during Grammys week, with proceeds going towards health and human services for music professionals.

Jon spoke about the honour:

And Sir Paul McCartney congratulated him, which is pretty rad because... well, it's Paul McCartney:

Anyway, I'm off to calm my inner Grinch and add "Christmas Isn't Christmas" to my holiday playlist -- along with with the original "Fairytale of New York" by the Pogues, and of course, "How to Make Gravy" by Paul Kelly (because I'm Australian).

Feel free to share your thoughts below. 😊
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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Richie Sambora is Jack. Jacket Potato.

I've been known to enjoy a bit of The Masked Singer. Obviously the show is demonstrably bonkers. But I do tend to watch the Australian version of it when I'm not busy, and have caught the occasional snippet from the US series. 

I've never seen the British series though. But I'd seen enough "Richie is Jacket Potato!!" comments online in the last few weeks to know that there was a good chance I'd be watching at least some of it soon.

And so it was that old mate Richie Sambora was indeed revealed to be the person in the Jacket Potato costume on yesterday's episode of The Masked Singer UK.

Before being eliminated, he performed:

You can definitely hear his voice so I'm not surprised Richie and Bon Jovi fans were on it. 😉

You can watch Richie's full journey, including the judging panel's guesses, below:

After his unmasking, Richie talked about his experience on the show:

Also, I've been pretty quiet but I'm definitely still alive and kicking, just working on other things, y'know?

Feel free to share your thoughts below. 😊
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