Sunday, February 12, 2023

Richie Sambora is Jack. Jacket Potato.

I've been known to enjoy a bit of The Masked Singer. Obviously the show is demonstrably bonkers. But I do tend to watch the Australian version of it when I'm not busy, and have caught the occasional snippet from the US series. 

I've never seen the British series though. But I'd seen enough "Richie is Jacket Potato!!" comments online in the last few weeks to know that there was a good chance I'd be watching at least some of it soon.

And so it was that old mate Richie Sambora was indeed revealed to be the person in the Jacket Potato costume on yesterday's episode of The Masked Singer UK.

Before being eliminated, he performed:

You can definitely hear his voice so I'm not surprised Richie and Bon Jovi fans were on it. 😉

You can watch Richie's full journey, including the judging panel's guesses, below:

After his unmasking, Richie talked about his experience on the show:

Also, I've been pretty quiet but I'm definitely still alive and kicking, just working on other things, y'know?

Feel free to share your thoughts below. 😊
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