Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Jon Bon Jovi interview with The Project

Jon Bon Jovi recently spoke with Peter Helliar from The Project. The segment -- which included bits from a February interview that didn't go to air, as well as this more recent interview from about a week ago -- was broadcast tonight in Australia:

Pete is a Bon Jovi fan and reckons 2020 could be their best album ever, which is a huge call. He might just be getting caught up in the moment. But I am getting pretty excited about it myself, so fingers crossed for something awesome.

Here's the full interview Pete alluded to. Among other things, Jon talks about the new album (obviously), the current sociopolitical state of the world, and his attitudes towards touring:
And let me just say, if Bon Jovi were to do an acoustic show at the Sydney Opera House I would lose my mind in the best possible way.

Are you looking forward to the 2020 album?

I guess, from my perspective at least, it's been such a crazy year and Bon Jovi music has often been like a warm hug. Obviously the music has changed over the years. But that's okay. My attachment to Bon Jovi has largely been about them having the right songs at the right time for me, regardless of whether they're the greatest songs ever. And this album might be one I kind of need. I have high hopes anyway, so hopefully my next blog post won't be about how disappointed I am. 😜

You can now preview all the tracks on iTunes ahead of the album's release this week.

Edit: I wasn't disappointed! Read my early impressions of 2020. Meanwhile, Pete Helliar's earlier interview with Jon (conducted back in February, which never went to air) has now been uploaded to The Project's YouTube channel:

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Bon Jovi performs at virtual iHeartRadio Festival

The iHeartRadio Music Festival went virtual in 2020 for obvious reasons (*cough* global pandemic *cough*) and Bon Jovi was part of it. Here's what they played:
  1. Do What You Can - featuring Jennifer Nettles on the big screen
  2. Lost Highway
  3. Limitless
  4. You Give Love a Bad Name
  5. Who Says You Can't Go Home
  6. It's My Life
  7. Wanted Dead or Alive
  8. Livin' on a Prayer
If you missed it when it was originally streamed, here's a video of Bon Jovi's set:

David Bryan missed the taping due to commitments with his Broadway musical, Diana. Greg Mayo from the Kings of Suburbia filled in on keyboards.

I actually really enjoyed this performance, even though it's a little awkward. There's no crowd, and Jon looks like he doesn't know what to do without a live audience to feed off. Plus, the fake crowd noises that have been edited into the broadcast don't quite seem to fit. 

But I had a lot of fun watching this at my desk. (Maybe I'm just itching for a tour that can't happen.) And I thought the debut band performance of "Do What You Can" was cool. I've mentioned that that's my favourite of the 2020 songs we've heard so far and it still is.

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Friday, September 18, 2020

Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles reunite for Do What You Can duet

Way back in 2006, Bon Jovi won a Grammy for Best Country Collaboration for "Who Says You Can't Go Home", which featured Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland. They've joined forces again, this time for a country duet of "Do What You Can". Because I guess the country-tinged band only version isn't country enough?

I'm not knocking country music here, just sayin'.

Anyway, here's the official video of the "Do What You Can" by Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles:

If you're thinking it looks familiar, that's because it's pretty much the same video we saw last month, with clips of Jennifer added to it. But I had fun watching it again.

Jon and Jennifer had teased the latest collab before it was announced, with both of them quoting "Who Says" lyrics on their socials, followed by screenshots from different angles of the same scene in the video. So it wasn't really a surprise when we found out the duet was dropping.

What do you think of this version?

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