Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Circle leaks!

There have been a few fake ones floating around for months but this one is the real deal. Given the album comes out in Germany in three days, I'm surprised it's taken so long to leak.

EDIT: I think the songs are all still up on Youtube too. Of course you're all going to buy this album anyway so it's up to you whether you want an advance listening or wait for it the old school way. ;)

I'll write a review after the album has been officially released.

The Circle tour to reach Australia

Jon Bon Jovi has promised the band will come to Australia on The Circle tour.

"So we neglected a whole region of the world, including Australia, which we always loved immensely, and by neglecting it we lost our footing there.

"The last record we came back and started to re-establish that, and with our hearts on our sleeves I can tell you we are going to spend a lot more time in Australia, starting with this record.''
Link to the rest of the article is here.

Monday, October 26, 2009

When We Were Beautiful

"When We Were Beautiful" -- the song, that is -- is now available for download from the US iTunes store. You can also listen to it here.

The world is cracked, the sky is torn
I'm hangin' in, you're holdin' on
I can't pretend that nothing's changed
Livin' in the shadows of the love we made

Back when we were beautiful
Before the world got small
Before we knew it all
Back when we were innocent
I wonder where it went
Let's go back and find it

Shalala, shalala hey...

Some dreams live, some will die
But for you and me, they're still alive
Now am I blessed or am I cursed?
'Cause the way we are ain't the way we were

Back when we were beautiful
Before the world got small
Before we knew it all
Back when we were innocent
I wonder where it went
Let's go back and find it

The world is cracked, the sky is torn
So much less meant so much more

Back when we were beautiful
Before the world got small
Before we knew it all
Back when we were innocent
I wonder where it went
Let's go back and find it

Back when we were beautiful
Back when we were beautiful
Back when we were beautiful

Shalala, shalala hey...

Those O2 ticket prices are still obscene, btw.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Take action against ticket prices!

Below is a letter from Matt Bongiovi to members of the Backstage With Jon Bon Jovi fan club regarding recent unrest over ticket prices. I know there's a rule about what happens Backstage stays Backstage, or something along those lines, so I thought a lot before reposting this here. First and foremost, I didn't want anyone to get into trouble on my account. Secondly, one thing I don't need this semester is a nasty letter personally addressed to me from the Bon Jovi camp, which is quite possible seeing as they seem prepared to threaten fan club members. But in the end, I figured this letter's already out in the open and I wouldn't be doing my job properly if I pandered to some fan club over the public interest. And besides, the letter is relevant to the rest of the post. Want to voice your anger or disappointment over ticket prices? Read on. (Scroll to the end of the post if you don't want to read/re-read the letter.)

Hey All,

I wanted to drop you all a note to let you know your concerns do NOT fall onto deaf ears. I have as many concerns as you. First I want to assure you that a long letter went to the powers to be regarding these concerns. There are no guarantees but what I can tell you is I am working on getting more options for everyone. I want to set some records straight. First I do not set prices. I am actually only now a part of the scene with regards to the FC. This is not a negative thing. My roll has and alway will be being the link between you and the band. ALL of your concerns are legit and will be addressed.

Let me also explain that on this tour we are offering a variety of price levels. We have not had that in the past. This allows everyone no matter what your budget is to be able to have access to tickets to see the band. I do understand that you want to be close to the stage but i'm sure everyone in the house would like that. Also understand that though you may see the packages are what you feel are priced high, to some it holds a value. On LH people could not imagine paying the price for front row and the tour backstage. When they bought the package and I led the tour backstage and handed them Richies guitar to put around their neck or to let them hold JBJ's Mic stand as well as bring them into the dressing room (as long as the band was not in it) or the chance that JB or the other guys would be in catering or in the halls. They always would stop and take photos. The point is to some it is a priceless. Understand you do not get that kind of access unless you work for the band. The limited edition merchandise that you are given is also a Huge collectible. Again I'm not saying it is cheap but you can't argue that it holds value. Think of the inner circle this way..... Last year the package that got you backstage cost $1500 per person = $3000 for two front row. This year the inner circle offers much more and actually is less then the front row package last year. Only difference is what row you are in. Personally I'm not a big fan of front row. You actually miss most of the show and the sound is not that good. Think of being in the front row at a movie...

Going back to the other levels that are offered....Know that our seats in every price level are the BEST of that price level. Meaning that with a Amex pre-sale or any other pre-sale for that matter they are BEHIND the FC.

We went through this drill on the LH tour and when all said and done everyone was Happy.... Very Happy. I agree with some changes that should be made and again I am bringing it to the right people. This is NOT JB who sets the price for the packages. He has enough on his plate. But know the people who do set it is now well aware of the concerns.

Now I have to ask a favor from everyone. It is highly rude to email ANYONE outside of this FC complaining. It is not fair to the hard workers at the record company or the publicist office to be getting such rude emails. It is not their fault nor do they have anything to do with this. I will stay strong when I say I can assure the ones who are doing it and continue to do so will be dealt with with everything I have. Weather it is being banned from ANYTHING Bon Jovi related or legal action for harassment. It is really uncalled for. I also ask that the fighting between members stop as well. I have no problem pulling memberships on anyone who harass any other member. It is a sham that grown adults yet again have to be treated like children.

We all need to breath and get ready for one of the GREATEST record and Tour this band has done to date. We are a family and at time siblings don't always get along but they also protect each other. Have your family's back and know I have yours.

Talk soon

Someone posted an open letter to Jon in response to Matt's letter. Check it out.

Now apparently if you're upset about ticket prices, you can't e-mail any third parties because Matt Bongiovi will sue you. We're so lucky to be rocking in the free world.

Here are some things you can do:
If you know of any more campaigns or petitions, leave a comment or e-mail me. Bon Jovi do have the power to make a change, and through the "Power of We" that Jon loves so much, so do the fans.

It's for Tommy and Gina who never backed down. Who's gonna work for the working man (and woman)?

The irony of The Circle

It might be too early to make that call, but based on the samples we've heard, The Circle could well be Bon Jovi's best album this decade, song-wise at least (I promise not to whine about the production until I have a physical copy of the album in my hands). But ticket prices are growing more ridiculous by the tour. I think I touched on this when the fan club show was announced, and when mentioning the Prudential Center shows, but lofty ticket prices are a recurring theme in Joviland so here we go again.

How can you justify telling every interviewer that you just had to write THIS album NOW in light of the economic downturn and hunger for political change, and then turn around and rape the wallets of your loyal fans? Hell, fans in Europe kept the band going strong through the 90s. How can you go on stage every night singing about Tommy and Gina while ripping off all the real life Tommys and Ginas out there? AEG might be the promoters, but Jon is the self-proclaimed CEO of a company and I don't believe for a second he is Mr Innocent when it comes this particular brand of daylight robbery. Sure, Bon Jovi is one band that can probably get away with charging exorbitant prices for every show because at the end of the day, they have enough fans who are eager or desperate enough for live shows to scrape up the cash. And as long as people are paying, the money making machine can keep jacking up prices. But does that mean they should?

It might have been a slightly different story in North America, but Jon might do well to remember the half empty stadiums at some of their European shows on the last tour, despite it being probably the best tour of the decade.

(On an unrelated note, some of you may have noticed the above clip is from Hey Hey It's Saturday which was the source of recent international controversy...)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

More samples from The Circle

Following on from the Amazon snippets a few days ago, you can now listen to a few more clips of The Circle via Germany's iTunes Store. You'll need iTunes installed on your computer. Scroll down to the bottom of the iTunes window where it says Main Store. Your country should probably be listed there. Change it to Deutschland so you can access the German store. Then in the "Search iTunes Store" box in the top right hand corner of the window, type Bon Jovi and enter. Then click on "Alle anzeigen", then "The Circle (Bonus Track Version)". The track list for the album should come up. Double click on the song title to hear a preview of it.

EDIT: For anyone who's had trouble listening to the previews on Amazon and/or iTunes, try here.

Here are the lyrics from those iTunes clips, to the best of my hearing. There's some overlap with what we've already heard, as well as some new stuff.

When We Were Beautiful
I can't pretend that nothing's changed
Even in the shadows of the love we made
Back when we were beautiful
Before the world outside
Before we knew it

Work for the Working Man
And there's nothing left of what's on my mind
Who's gonna work for the working man?
Work for the working man
Get your hands in the dirt
Who's gonna work off the curse?
Brother I'll be damned if I don't raise a hand
Who's gonna work work work for the working man
Working man

Superman Tonight
...for a hero but it's just my old tattoo
Tonight I swear I'd sell my soul to be a hero for you
Who's gonna save you when the stars fall from your sky?
And who's gonna pull you in when the tide gets too high?

What is the distance between a bullet and a gun?
God are you listening or have you just given up?
Corporate countries go to war
And the lies they're fighting for
Black gold from an old king's soul
It's round...

Thorn In My Side

But I'll survive
I'll give up on love but I'm still getting by
Yeah I'm gonna be alright
You can test my faith but you can't take my pride
Thorn in my side, thorn in my...

Live Before You Die
...you'll have to say hello to goodbye
Sit down son, come take my hand
Look me in the eye
Take these words, promise me
Live before you die


Imagine that, imagine that
Nobody's getting out of here alive
No turning back, no turning back
Who's gonna bail out all our shattered dreams?
And scrape some truth off of these city streets
No time for praying, get up off your knees
There's hope I know, out on...

Love's the Only Rule
Crying like a lonely whistle of a long black train
Dance in the pouring rain
Spit in the eye of a hurricane
Who said life has got to be so cruel?
Love's the only rule

Fast Cars
We are fast cars
How can I pretend the signs don't say dead end?
So many hearts just wind up in a junkyard
And memories are nothing but spare parts
Turn around, just turn around
Leave the past...

Happy Now
Would you tell me to go back to sleep?
Take a look in these tired eyes
They're coming back to life
I know I can change
Got hope in my veins
I'm telling you I ain't going back to the pain
Can I be happy now?
Can I let my breath out?

Learn to Love
Of rising and climbing
Holly, Holly, we're one breath away
Holly, Holly, from our Judgment Day
[thanks to Anthony for amending this line]
Leave it all on the table
If you lose all you win

The bonus track is a Jason Nevins dance remix of "We Weren't Born to Follow". I'm hoping there are more/better bonus tracks on other versions of the album.

Sneak peak of the new Bon Jovi book

Click here for a preview inside Bon Jovi: When We Were Beautiful. Well, it's visually quite appealing. Some really great photos in there. And for what it's worth I'm just over the moon that Jon even acknowledged Hugh's existence:
Hugh McDonald has played bass with me for longer than there's been a Bon Jovi. He actually played on "Runaway" when I didn't have a band. He was the obvious and only choice to tour with the band after Alec John Such's departure in the mid-90s. It's Hugh and Tico's chemistry that makes us sound so good.

I'd be surprised if Hugh is mentioned anywhere in the book beyond that paragraph but I'll take what I can get. Plus Jon also said "the obvious and only choice to tour with the band" which kind of implies the long open secret that Huey had already started to cover for Alec in the studio before eventually replacing him on the road. ;)

Superman Tonight on USA Network

"Superman Tonight" makes its debut in a 40 second promo for the USA Network. For US viewers, it'll be on TV during the premiere of White Collar. You can also view it here courtesy of the Ausiello Files blog.

Who's gonna save you when the stars fall from your sky?
Who's gonna pull you in when the tide gets too high?
I won't lie
I wish that I could be your Superman tonight

Friday, October 23, 2009

Videos from the Kick Off

Here are some vids from the WPLJ show at Meadowlands Stadium yesterday.







Jon Bon Jovi on the Mail

Jon talks about the band, The Circle and growing up in this Daily Mail article.

'I'm not interested in doing the things I did when I was 25. I don't want to turn into a rotten cliche like Kanye West at awards ceremonies with his bottle of Hennessy. How embarrassing - grow up!

'But I'm not mellowing. I'm just interested in other things, a fine wine rather than a beer. As you get older, your motivations change. For me, it's not about money or adulation.

'It's not even about respect. It's about finding a subject that resonates and sharing that with others. I think our new album says something, and I want to see if other people feel the same.'

Apart from maybe the Kanye West quip, it's nothing we haven't heard before. Nevertheless, the link to the full article is here.

WPLJ secret show + The Circle North American tour dates

Confirmed: Bon Jovi will open Meadowlands Stadium (the "new Giants Stadium") on May 26, 2010.

Anyway the webcast from the band's "secret show" in the carpark for 95.5 WPLJ just ended a short time ago. The set was as follows:

Who Says You Can't Go Home
We Weren't Born to Follow
You Give Love a Bad Name
Wanted Dead or Alive
It's My Life
Livin' on a Prayer

Jon's voice wasn't that great. But "Born to Follow" sounds much edgier live, without the syrupy overproduction... I like it a lot more.

EDIT: You can listen to an audio rip of "Born to Follow" here.

Ahhh....just got a tweet that some tour dates have been posted on the official website. The first North American leg kicks off on February 19, 2010 in Seattle. They'll be touring "well into 2011" according to AEG Live.

Beginning with the band's North American tour launch on February 19th, 2010 in Seattle, WA, Bon Jovi will spend much of the next two years on the road, performing 135 shows in 30 countries. Following in the footsteps of their hugely successful Lost Highway Tour, Bon Jovi will draw fans around the world into The Circle, with a residency at London's O2 arena in June 2010 before returning to America in the fall for an additional nationwide leg, and further dates well into 2011.

Hmm...I hope Australia didn't fall off the map between the Lost Highway tour and The Circle. Not to mention all the countries they haven't visited, let alone toured properly in years.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Samples from The Circle!

You can now listen to some short snippets of tracks from The Circle from UK Amazon. :)

Sounds promising, even if "Working Man" doesn't only sound like "Livin' on a Prayer" in acoustic format. :P Looking forward to November more and more.

I've been pretty busy putting in nine hour days at uni this week, including this past weekend, but I'm sure glad I logged on tonight!

EDIT: I had a go at deciphering the Jerseymumble behind the Shanksproduction last night. Terri corrected a few and filled some of the gaps and this is what we came up with.

When We Were Beautiful
I'm hanging in, you're holding on
I can't pretend that nothing's changed
Even in the shadows of the love we made

Work for the Working Man
Never getting back what I'm giving
Can someone somewhere help me justify
Why these strong hands are on the unemployment line
And there's nothing left what's on my mind
Who's gonna work for the working man?
Work for the working man
Get your hands in the dirt
Who's gonna work off the curse?

Superman Tonight
Maybe I'm cynical
Painfully logical
You're tragically beautiful
That's good enough for me
You're looking for a hero but it's just my old tattoo
Tonight I swear I'd sell my soul to be a hero for you

For the pink slip of an SUV
Night cut down in tragedy
As defense another generation breakdown
[hmm, this doesn't sound right]
Yeah, yeah
What is the distance between a bullet and a gun?
God are you listening, or have you just...

Thorn in My Side
To let you know
I've been pushed around
Been knocked down
Lost a round of three
[Thanks to Alana for what seems to be the most logical lyric]
I've took a couple of things I loved when I was
Too blind to see
But I'll survive
I'll give up on love but I'm still getting by

Live Before You Die
I was much too young to understand but he would say to me
When you're young you always think the sun is gonna shine
There'll come a day you'll have to say hello to goodbye
Sit down son, come take my hand, look me in the eye
Take these words, promise...

Angels falling from the sky
Imagine that, imagine that
Nobody's getting out of here alive
No turning back, no turning back
Who's gonna bail out all our shattered dreams?

Love's the Only Rule
One man's ceiling, another man's sky
High, flying like an aeroplane
Crying like a lonely whistle of a long black train
Dance in the pouring rain
Spit in the eye of a hurricane

Fast Cars
Dark road we've been heading down
Trust me tonight
I swear I know where we are
We're gonna run all the lights
We're gonna blow right through the radar
Fast cars
We are fast cars
How can I pretend the signs don't say dead end?

Happy Now
What would you say to me
If I told you I had a dream
If I told you everything
Would you tell me to go back to sleep
Take a look in these tired eyes
They're coming back to life
I know I can change

Learn to Love
I was lost in life's blindness
When you're born without wings
All you dream of
All you want is that feeling of flying
Of rising and climbing
Holly, Holly, we're one breath away

Some people have suggested that last line is "Halle, Halle" as in "Hallelujah" but I don't know why you wouldn't just say "Hallelujah" since you can fit four syllables in easily. Then again, I don't know who "Holly" is either. So who knows?

These lyrics could all turn out to be way off the mark, but hey, it'll make for some amusing reading once we get to look at the lyrics booklet. :P

Saturday, October 17, 2009

MSG tracklist

According to Obie, these songs will be on the Madison Square Garden DVD.

Lost Highway
Born To Be My Baby
Blaze of Glory
It's My Life
Keep the Faith
Raise Your Hands
Living in Sin
Whole Lot of Leaving
In these Arms
We Got it Going On
I'll be There for You
Make a Memory
Blood on Blood
Dry County
Have a Nice Day
Who Says You Can't Go Home
Wanted Dead or Alive
Livin' on a Prayer
Bad Medicine
You Give Love a Bad Name
Bed of Roses

Guess that means the DVD will include both nights after all...Phew! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bon Jovi new release dates

I've been crazy busy this week on the editing, laying out pages, and chasing people up for my university newspaper but at last, here are the release dates as revealed by Obie O'Brien.

The Circle album and When We Were Beautiful documentary:
November 2 - UK
November 4 - Japan
November 6 - Europe, Australia
November 10 - USA

I don't know about the rest of the Americas, Asia or Africa but if I were to hazard a guess, I'd say it'd be either the 6th or the 10th.

When We Were Beautiful book will be released November 3, and the long awaited Madison Square Garden DVD/Blu-Ray outside of North America on November 23. No North American date set yet.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Keep the faith

Today -- October 12 -- marks the seventh anniversary of the first Bali bombings. We've all heard, and seen, how the world changed after 9/11 but I think in Australia, it wasn't until the 2002 Bali bombings that people started to develop a fear of terrorism. That's obviously due to Indonesia's close proximity to Australia, and the fact that Bali is such a popular tourist spot for Aussies and 88 Australians were killed.

I was thinking about what song/video to blog and eventually settled on a performance from 10 years before the bombings. So this is "Keep the Faith" from An Evening With Bon Jovi, which has unfortunately never been released on DVD (the VHS is probably still floating around somewhere though).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

We Weren't Born to Follow video

The official video for "We Weren't Born to Follow" is up on BonJovi.com. Plenty of stock footage of various people who I guess "paved the road" and "did it differently" throughout history. It's actually a pretty cool video. But why the hell is Hugh McDonald not in it?! It's not like Jon or the band members are acting out a story. They're just "playing"! Huey is normally in those type of band shots. :(

Sorry to rant, but unless Hugh suddenly came down with swine flu on the day of the filming, this is just ridiculous. He has been Bon Jovi's bassist for over 14 years, which is four years longer than Alec John Such. Is it too much to even have a few measly seconds of him to Jon's left?

Okay, I'm still annoyed but rant over. Check out the video here.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Madison Square Garden DVD trailer

Looks like the long-awaited MSG DVD is going to be released in conjunction with the When We Were Beautiful documentary. This trailer was made available to BackstageJBJ members and has since been ripped and put onto Youtube so it might get deleted soon. But if not, you can view it here.

As some of you know, I'm not a Backstager. I love Bon Jovi with all my heart but I'm sorry, I'm also a full-time student with neither the means nor the desire to pay those kinds of prices for a messageboard and few exclusive videos. I also don't understand the logic in keeping a trailer exclusive, when the purpose of trailers is to promote a product that will hopefully be purchased by many people and result in a lot of profit, but who am I to argue with the marketing strategy of the all-knowing fan club? :P

I'm a bit worried about this DVD too. It was originally promoted as being a combination of the last two nights of the Lost Highway tour, but I see only one date on that trailer: July 15, 2008, the final night. And quite frankly, with the exception of "Blood on Blood", the first night was superior. If there is no footage from July 14 on this DVD, we won't get "Always", "Bed of Roses", or my personal wish "Dry County".

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jon talks about new songs in BURRN Magazine

Thanks to TokyoRockChick for the tweets and e-mail. The article is in Japanese so she has translated Jon's words into English. Great effort... yokuyatta! :D

Superman Tonight
This would be the most Boy-Girl song.
There was a girl, I watched her from far away, but I was powerless.
She's like a pinball machine in a way, rolled over many guys.
She's very beautiful & smart, however, she thought that it would be much more happy if she could have a little more confidence.
This song is a kind of observation diary. And Im a fly on a wall.

Broken Promise Land
I sing about the state that the personal world collapses. There is a guy I know who has no luck badly.
Everything does not go well, the stock, business, buying and selling of the house, kid's school... He is late 40s.
He works but its not profitable and he does not even enjoy it.
He wants to find his way again (rediscover himself) soon but its not easy.
Its difficult to give up everything you got now and start over again from zero (a brand-new life).
People like him are the chief characters of the story. But its the reality Ive seen.
He left NY and started his new life which was sober in an unknown land.
But he had lived in the era of dreams and hopes in 20s-30s, so it makes him wonder why he is here now.
They are divided into "successful man" and "No successful man" in late 40s.
And they notice the severe reality, that the life he had is much longer than the life he will have ahead.
"What have I really achieved?" I know lots of people who think like that.
Its not too late, but this is a sort of test if we can stay who we are, when we look at ourselves in the mirror.

Happy Now
I wrote this lyrics on the next day of the presidential election.
Are we going to be happy at last? Can we take a break?
"What would you say if I talk about my dream? You might say just sleep again? Look at my tired eyes, but at last my life is back.
Maybe I can change something. Hope runs through my vein. I wont back to pain." - the lyrics is like that.
"Pain" means 8 years till then. "Are we going to be happy at last?" I wrote this kind of lyrics right after the new President was born.
Its just one year ago. Tell the truth, I was concerned if we really needed to find an answer "Yes" or "No".
But its not timely. Now its time to be judged if the promises were real thing.

Fast Cars
This is also about me. I took a holiday with Richie in spring. Desmond Child was also there,
We're on the beach in Saint Barts island & talked about similar subject like now, "What is the legend? Is it to let go? Or is it to make?"
The story is there're drivers who always follow taillights, on the other hand, there're ppl who drive at their pace & go their own way.
I mean, lets go on our own roads forever! In this album, there are lots of similar themes as I hate to follow someone.
I at last got a position to be able to say like that, but so many people are stuck in the same trap, they are scared of change.

Thorn In My Side
This is the song that I wrote with Richie in the beginning. I wrote it almost before I met him.
I want something worthwhile after I wake up every morning. I got here with such a long career, still Im not satisfied,
I want to be bigger and work more. I want to complain to guys who complain.
I just live my life in the way I am everyday, though. I sometimes have to accept the reality, such as wrinkles around my eyes. LOL!
The thorn is a kind of motivation.
Obviously the two languages don't directly correlate but you can get the gist of it. Just think... in roughly a month's time, we'll have this record in our hot little hands.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy birthday Tico!

Happy birthday to the hit man, Hector Samuel Juan Torres! :)

Tico channels Louis Armstrong as he sings "Only In My Dreams" at Borgata 2004.

As for Jon, I think we're lucky he became a singer and plays the guitar rather than the drums. :P

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Glee covers It's My Life

Cory Monteith, aka Finn, and the boys from musical dramedy Glee perform a medley/mashup of Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" and Usher's "Confessions Part II" in an upcoming episode.

Tour info from BURRN Magazine

As tweeted by TokyoRockChick... arigatou gozaimashita! ;)

These 8 posts are Bon Jovi info from Jon's interview for BURRN mag. The interview was on 5th Sep by Masa, same as his radio & TV program.

1 : Bon Jovi will play for the opening of NEW Giants Stadium in May 2010. Jon didnt mention how many shows. Is this New Meadowlands Stadium?2: Bon Jovi tour will start from Hawaii on 14th Feb 2010. Only 1 show or 2 shows there. Its a sort of warming up.

3 : The capacity of the venue (arena) in Hawaii is about 10,000.

4 : When they're back in US, the tour is supposed to start from Seattle.5 : Bon Jovi will play 20 shows at London O2 Arena in Jun 2010.6 : They will return to US in July 2010 & tour again at stadiums.7 : Bon Jovi will take a holiday in Aug & Sep 2010. There's no schedule after that just yet.8 : Japan tour might be in fall 2010.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Circle album cover, version 2.0

So the album cover for The Circle has been revealed on BonJovi.com and you can check it out at this link. It looks pretty cool; four guys walking side by side, bringing light into a dark sewerage pipe... Nah seriously, I think it looks great. However, I took the liberty of making a couple of improvements. :P

In The Circle Version 2.0, Hugh is preparing to enter "the circle", and the old Bon Jovi font has been resurrected. Now even if you don't get as worked up as I do about Huey not being official, you can't possibly tell me that font is anything less than awesome! ;)