Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jon talks about new songs in BURRN Magazine

Thanks to TokyoRockChick for the tweets and e-mail. The article is in Japanese so she has translated Jon's words into English. Great effort... yokuyatta! :D

Superman Tonight
This would be the most Boy-Girl song.
There was a girl, I watched her from far away, but I was powerless.
She's like a pinball machine in a way, rolled over many guys.
She's very beautiful & smart, however, she thought that it would be much more happy if she could have a little more confidence.
This song is a kind of observation diary. And Im a fly on a wall.

Broken Promise Land
I sing about the state that the personal world collapses. There is a guy I know who has no luck badly.
Everything does not go well, the stock, business, buying and selling of the house, kid's school... He is late 40s.
He works but its not profitable and he does not even enjoy it.
He wants to find his way again (rediscover himself) soon but its not easy.
Its difficult to give up everything you got now and start over again from zero (a brand-new life).
People like him are the chief characters of the story. But its the reality Ive seen.
He left NY and started his new life which was sober in an unknown land.
But he had lived in the era of dreams and hopes in 20s-30s, so it makes him wonder why he is here now.
They are divided into "successful man" and "No successful man" in late 40s.
And they notice the severe reality, that the life he had is much longer than the life he will have ahead.
"What have I really achieved?" I know lots of people who think like that.
Its not too late, but this is a sort of test if we can stay who we are, when we look at ourselves in the mirror.

Happy Now
I wrote this lyrics on the next day of the presidential election.
Are we going to be happy at last? Can we take a break?
"What would you say if I talk about my dream? You might say just sleep again? Look at my tired eyes, but at last my life is back.
Maybe I can change something. Hope runs through my vein. I wont back to pain." - the lyrics is like that.
"Pain" means 8 years till then. "Are we going to be happy at last?" I wrote this kind of lyrics right after the new President was born.
Its just one year ago. Tell the truth, I was concerned if we really needed to find an answer "Yes" or "No".
But its not timely. Now its time to be judged if the promises were real thing.

Fast Cars
This is also about me. I took a holiday with Richie in spring. Desmond Child was also there,
We're on the beach in Saint Barts island & talked about similar subject like now, "What is the legend? Is it to let go? Or is it to make?"
The story is there're drivers who always follow taillights, on the other hand, there're ppl who drive at their pace & go their own way.
I mean, lets go on our own roads forever! In this album, there are lots of similar themes as I hate to follow someone.
I at last got a position to be able to say like that, but so many people are stuck in the same trap, they are scared of change.

Thorn In My Side
This is the song that I wrote with Richie in the beginning. I wrote it almost before I met him.
I want something worthwhile after I wake up every morning. I got here with such a long career, still Im not satisfied,
I want to be bigger and work more. I want to complain to guys who complain.
I just live my life in the way I am everyday, though. I sometimes have to accept the reality, such as wrinkles around my eyes. LOL!
The thorn is a kind of motivation.
Obviously the two languages don't directly correlate but you can get the gist of it. Just think... in roughly a month's time, we'll have this record in our hot little hands.

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