Friday, October 9, 2009

Madison Square Garden DVD trailer

Looks like the long-awaited MSG DVD is going to be released in conjunction with the When We Were Beautiful documentary. This trailer was made available to BackstageJBJ members and has since been ripped and put onto Youtube so it might get deleted soon. But if not, you can view it here.

As some of you know, I'm not a Backstager. I love Bon Jovi with all my heart but I'm sorry, I'm also a full-time student with neither the means nor the desire to pay those kinds of prices for a messageboard and few exclusive videos. I also don't understand the logic in keeping a trailer exclusive, when the purpose of trailers is to promote a product that will hopefully be purchased by many people and result in a lot of profit, but who am I to argue with the marketing strategy of the all-knowing fan club? :P

I'm a bit worried about this DVD too. It was originally promoted as being a combination of the last two nights of the Lost Highway tour, but I see only one date on that trailer: July 15, 2008, the final night. And quite frankly, with the exception of "Blood on Blood", the first night was superior. If there is no footage from July 14 on this DVD, we won't get "Always", "Bed of Roses", or my personal wish "Dry County".


  1. Hello the Madison Square is one of the best scenarios in USA, I like it so much, we have seen good artist there, I want to get this DVD soon.


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