Sunday, October 25, 2009

Take action against ticket prices!

Below is a letter from Matt Bongiovi to members of the Backstage With Jon Bon Jovi fan club regarding recent unrest over ticket prices. I know there's a rule about what happens Backstage stays Backstage, or something along those lines, so I thought a lot before reposting this here. First and foremost, I didn't want anyone to get into trouble on my account. Secondly, one thing I don't need this semester is a nasty letter personally addressed to me from the Bon Jovi camp, which is quite possible seeing as they seem prepared to threaten fan club members. But in the end, I figured this letter's already out in the open and I wouldn't be doing my job properly if I pandered to some fan club over the public interest. And besides, the letter is relevant to the rest of the post. Want to voice your anger or disappointment over ticket prices? Read on. (Scroll to the end of the post if you don't want to read/re-read the letter.)

Hey All,

I wanted to drop you all a note to let you know your concerns do NOT fall onto deaf ears. I have as many concerns as you. First I want to assure you that a long letter went to the powers to be regarding these concerns. There are no guarantees but what I can tell you is I am working on getting more options for everyone. I want to set some records straight. First I do not set prices. I am actually only now a part of the scene with regards to the FC. This is not a negative thing. My roll has and alway will be being the link between you and the band. ALL of your concerns are legit and will be addressed.

Let me also explain that on this tour we are offering a variety of price levels. We have not had that in the past. This allows everyone no matter what your budget is to be able to have access to tickets to see the band. I do understand that you want to be close to the stage but i'm sure everyone in the house would like that. Also understand that though you may see the packages are what you feel are priced high, to some it holds a value. On LH people could not imagine paying the price for front row and the tour backstage. When they bought the package and I led the tour backstage and handed them Richies guitar to put around their neck or to let them hold JBJ's Mic stand as well as bring them into the dressing room (as long as the band was not in it) or the chance that JB or the other guys would be in catering or in the halls. They always would stop and take photos. The point is to some it is a priceless. Understand you do not get that kind of access unless you work for the band. The limited edition merchandise that you are given is also a Huge collectible. Again I'm not saying it is cheap but you can't argue that it holds value. Think of the inner circle this way..... Last year the package that got you backstage cost $1500 per person = $3000 for two front row. This year the inner circle offers much more and actually is less then the front row package last year. Only difference is what row you are in. Personally I'm not a big fan of front row. You actually miss most of the show and the sound is not that good. Think of being in the front row at a movie...

Going back to the other levels that are offered....Know that our seats in every price level are the BEST of that price level. Meaning that with a Amex pre-sale or any other pre-sale for that matter they are BEHIND the FC.

We went through this drill on the LH tour and when all said and done everyone was Happy.... Very Happy. I agree with some changes that should be made and again I am bringing it to the right people. This is NOT JB who sets the price for the packages. He has enough on his plate. But know the people who do set it is now well aware of the concerns.

Now I have to ask a favor from everyone. It is highly rude to email ANYONE outside of this FC complaining. It is not fair to the hard workers at the record company or the publicist office to be getting such rude emails. It is not their fault nor do they have anything to do with this. I will stay strong when I say I can assure the ones who are doing it and continue to do so will be dealt with with everything I have. Weather it is being banned from ANYTHING Bon Jovi related or legal action for harassment. It is really uncalled for. I also ask that the fighting between members stop as well. I have no problem pulling memberships on anyone who harass any other member. It is a sham that grown adults yet again have to be treated like children.

We all need to breath and get ready for one of the GREATEST record and Tour this band has done to date. We are a family and at time siblings don't always get along but they also protect each other. Have your family's back and know I have yours.

Talk soon

Someone posted an open letter to Jon in response to Matt's letter. Check it out.

Now apparently if you're upset about ticket prices, you can't e-mail any third parties because Matt Bongiovi will sue you. We're so lucky to be rocking in the free world.

Here are some things you can do:
If you know of any more campaigns or petitions, leave a comment or e-mail me. Bon Jovi do have the power to make a change, and through the "Power of We" that Jon loves so much, so do the fans.

It's for Tommy and Gina who never backed down. Who's gonna work for the working man (and woman)?


  1. First of all I want to say thank for all the effort you make to inform me about Bonjovi. Like their music already for many years. During which I bought their records and visited some concerts. Never commented on any blog concerning their music before because it is their music I'm interested in.

    Why do I break this rule now? I saw some samples of When we were beautiful and in one of these samples Jon compares the fans to maniacs. Now I do know that some people will go to any length and act crazy but still I don't want to be called a maniac.

    So this time they have to convince me to buy the record with their music I will be hearing on the radio or seeing on the net. It have to be sensational otherwise I say NO thank you. Travelling to a concert I sincerely doubt that I will be doing that this time around.

  2. I can't speak to the Fan Club ticket prices, I was a member of the Fan Club from about 2001-2004 then let my membership expire when they decided to stop sending out the magazines (the main reason for my membership). Now that I am no longer a member of the fan club, I don't really know what goes on there. Also as someone who lives in the US, I am not familiar with the ticket prices at the O2 stadium in England.

    However, I thought the regular Ticketmaster prices (at least for the Meadlowlands Shows) were MORE than reasonable. The highest price was in $150 and the lowest price was $36.50. You could spend almost as much money as $36.50 going to see a movie at the movie theater these days! I was actually REALLY impressed that the fans had been considered with the prices at the Meadowland Stadium and I thought all the fans would feel the same way as me. I was very surprised to hear all the complaints about ticket prices!

  3. One part of me wants to join in and complain about O2 prices (way higher than US). The other part of me wonders why don't the fans fight their battles the best possible way: can't afford it don't go.

  4. Yeah, Meadowlands is not bad at all. The European prices are a ripoff though. It's a shame because last year Bon Jovi treated people to their best tour of the decade (European leg was amazing) and now this is probably their best album in 14 years... and the fans who gave them the success they now enjoy are being priced out of the shows.

  5. Hey! There are descently priced tickets for Bon Jovi if you look on this site. You can get the new album for a steal too. $3.00! Just go to

  6. I just saw Bon Jovi in Seattle for two nights. I am not a crazy fan but always have enjoyed their music. Let me say this that show was worth every single penny I paid for my tickets. I was in row 5 which ended up being row one when he/they came out on the cat walk. Could have shined their shoes. That man "gave 'er" for two and a half hours and I would pay it again.

    Yes, it iz expensive to go to shows now but it's not just Bon Jovi. I think it is crazy, but again, let me say this, he is giving you everything he's got. He played non stop for 2 1/2 hours, alot of band stop at 1 1/2. Point is, YOU TOTALLY GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH WITH THIS BAND. I would pay it all overt again.


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