Saturday, October 24, 2009

More samples from The Circle

Following on from the Amazon snippets a few days ago, you can now listen to a few more clips of The Circle via Germany's iTunes Store. You'll need iTunes installed on your computer. Scroll down to the bottom of the iTunes window where it says Main Store. Your country should probably be listed there. Change it to Deutschland so you can access the German store. Then in the "Search iTunes Store" box in the top right hand corner of the window, type Bon Jovi and enter. Then click on "Alle anzeigen", then "The Circle (Bonus Track Version)". The track list for the album should come up. Double click on the song title to hear a preview of it.

EDIT: For anyone who's had trouble listening to the previews on Amazon and/or iTunes, try here.

Here are the lyrics from those iTunes clips, to the best of my hearing. There's some overlap with what we've already heard, as well as some new stuff.

When We Were Beautiful
I can't pretend that nothing's changed
Even in the shadows of the love we made
Back when we were beautiful
Before the world outside
Before we knew it

Work for the Working Man
And there's nothing left of what's on my mind
Who's gonna work for the working man?
Work for the working man
Get your hands in the dirt
Who's gonna work off the curse?
Brother I'll be damned if I don't raise a hand
Who's gonna work work work for the working man
Working man

Superman Tonight
...for a hero but it's just my old tattoo
Tonight I swear I'd sell my soul to be a hero for you
Who's gonna save you when the stars fall from your sky?
And who's gonna pull you in when the tide gets too high?

What is the distance between a bullet and a gun?
God are you listening or have you just given up?
Corporate countries go to war
And the lies they're fighting for
Black gold from an old king's soul
It's round...

Thorn In My Side

But I'll survive
I'll give up on love but I'm still getting by
Yeah I'm gonna be alright
You can test my faith but you can't take my pride
Thorn in my side, thorn in my...

Live Before You Die'll have to say hello to goodbye
Sit down son, come take my hand
Look me in the eye
Take these words, promise me
Live before you die


Imagine that, imagine that
Nobody's getting out of here alive
No turning back, no turning back
Who's gonna bail out all our shattered dreams?
And scrape some truth off of these city streets
No time for praying, get up off your knees
There's hope I know, out on...

Love's the Only Rule
Crying like a lonely whistle of a long black train
Dance in the pouring rain
Spit in the eye of a hurricane
Who said life has got to be so cruel?
Love's the only rule

Fast Cars
We are fast cars
How can I pretend the signs don't say dead end?
So many hearts just wind up in a junkyard
And memories are nothing but spare parts
Turn around, just turn around
Leave the past...

Happy Now
Would you tell me to go back to sleep?
Take a look in these tired eyes
They're coming back to life
I know I can change
Got hope in my veins
I'm telling you I ain't going back to the pain
Can I be happy now?
Can I let my breath out?

Learn to Love
Of rising and climbing
Holly, Holly, we're one breath away
Holly, Holly, from our Judgment Day
[thanks to Anthony for amending this line]
Leave it all on the table
If you lose all you win

The bonus track is a Jason Nevins dance remix of "We Weren't Born to Follow". I'm hoping there are more/better bonus tracks on other versions of the album.

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