First time I heard the music, I thought it was my own
I could feel it in my heartbeat, I could feel it in my bones
My mama thinks I'm crazy, Dad says I'm insane
I've got BON JOVI fever burnin' in my veins...

About the Blog

What does it mean to be a diehard Bon Jovi fan? Blame It On The Love, which takes its name from Keep the Faith track "Blame It On The Love of Rock 'n' Roll" explores this state of mind.

Being a passionate Bon Jovi fan may mean opening yourself to ridicule and constantly defending the band. It means bitterly knowing that most of the band's detractors have sung along to "Livin' on a Prayer" at least once in their life and enjoyed it, even if they're too cool to admit it.

However, belonging to the Bon Jovi Church of Rock 'n' Roll does not mean always loving everything Bon Jovi does and turning a blind to our heroes' faults. In fact, diehard fans can be the band's harshest critics; endlessly scrutinising every song, album, set list, performance, interview, and business decision...

But when push comes to shove, they are driven by their passion for Bon Jovi and the memories that have been made as a result of their special connection to the band and its music.

Blame It On The Love was created by Lee-Ann in July 2008 and first attracted an audience with its "Magic Memory" series, which relived special moments on the Lost Highway Tour. Fans generally warmed to this addition to the Bon Jovi community, and its readership and following grew. In 2010, Lee-Ann was interviewed as part of a Bon Jovi feature in the Arizona Republic.

You can visit Lee-Ann's personal website at leeannkhoh.com.