Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hard Rock Calling audio and video

Bon Jovi blew us away at Hard Rock Calling in London on June 25. I don't know if there's any chance of an official live release, but it'd sure be nice.

Absolute Radio has a photo gallery from the show. They are also streaming Blaze of Glory, Born to Be My Baby, It's My Life, Livin' on a Prayer and Always until July 26, 2011.

There's also a fan recording of the full audio stream here. Various other fan recordings are floating around for download.

And finally, here are some fan videos. :)

Hey God

Considering this is the opening track of my favourite album, I recognised the intro of the song when I heard it coming through my headphones during the live stream, but I don't think I really believed what I was hearing until Jon started singing.

Bad Medicine / Oh, Pretty Woman

Jon squeezing Richie Sambora's butt at about 3:27.


Some people bag it for being too slow or over-emoted but I don't care; I love Bon Jovi's version of Hallelujah. I never really appreciated the song until Bon Jovi started doing this in 2007... now I love the original as well as many of the cover versions. Though I have to admit, Jon looks rather pained here.

Dry County

If you follow the blog, you'll probably already know I'm a sucker for this song.

Livin' on a Prayer / Always

For more videos, check out Hath's Circle Tour Blog.


  1. I have a 'problem' with Hallelujah because it's overplayed and over-covered. Love Cohen but in the last several years, the "indie" circuit have made me hate the song with their overhype of Buckley and Wainwright.
    As such, it really does seem like Jon's choice to cover it is to try to appeal to indies, but those who know a lot of music know that there is an endless selection of songs he could have chosen instead that others DIDN'T but are just as deserving of a cover. But anyways, not trying to complain too much..

  2. Thsoe videos bring back some good memories, was a heck of a show. Been a couple of shows since the band has really 'got' me but they did it that night. Richie was back to his better self, energetic guitar playing and more spontanous too. That always outro was on another level. I can't even begin to say how happy I was to see him just blast through a whole show again. Lots of kudos to Jon too, got so much respect for him with his injury to knock out a show like that. Hey god was stunning and for me kicked started the whole show. In regards to Hallelujah it did surprise me but what surprised me more is that it actually kinda worked in that environment, it didn't come across as a week spot.

  3. OK so, I'm willing to give Jon props on *one* thing re. Hallelujah. At the Dublin Q&A he mentioned how "sexual" the song is and took a jab at the 'kids' who sing it like they bloody expect to be raptured for it (ahem, hipsters). I have to heartily agree.

    ..even though I don't think his interpretation is much earthier either..


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