Thursday, June 16, 2011 sucks + Telegraph video

The design/layout (and sometimes functionality) of the Bon Jovi website often leaves a lot to be desired, and The Wix Blog thinks so too... They've rated 4th on their list of The 8 Most Terrible Celebrity Website Designs. Here's what they had to say about it:
Normally, when you go to a website, it’s really hard to find the navigation. It could be anywhere from the top or bottom of the screen to the left or the right. Oh the humanity! Don’t fret though because Bon Jovi has included at least 3 navigation bars for your viewing ease. He’s also included about 4 different places to integrate yourself with his page on Facebook, Tweet with him or sign up to his newsletter that I’m sure tells all his fans that he just added a fifth Facebook button so you can like liking him while you like liking his page. So meta.

Meanwhile, here's a Daily Telegraph video featuring Jon talking up the European tour. He doesn't say anything he hasn't said before, but it might be worth doing a song count over the course of this leg to see how many songs Bon Jovi does in fact play. ;)

Thanks to Hath for the heads-up on these.

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