Monday, June 20, 2011

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

Bon Jovi paid tribute to the E Street Band's Clarence Clemons, with Jon delivering a touching eulogy to the Big Man before launching into this cover of Bruce Springsteen's Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out. The performance is from Horsens, Denmark on June 19, 2011.

EDIT: Here's another video of the performance.


  1. I was asked what Jon said before the song, so here are his words transcribed:

    "A long way from here back in our home state of New Jersey, we lost a pillar of the rock 'n' roll community today. Woke up to hear that Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band had passed, and the Big Man had gone up to Heaven to play for a Big Man upstairs. The only thing bigger in stature and status was probably the size of the guy's heart. He was always kind, always had a kind thing to say no matter if we were going to see them or he was coming to see us. The Big Man, he'll be missed forever, but the legend of the E Street Band with Clarence Clemons will always live on. So for our friend, and our friends, we're gonna do something we worked out backstage. So here we go, it's called Tenth Avenue Freeze Out."

  2. i think the comments say enough about whether they should have bothered with this (hint, the answer is no). dozens of great musician pass on every year, but jon repeatedly pimps the springsteen connection and comes out the loser.

  3. it's very sad, I grew up listening to Clarence & E Street Band... this tribute brought tears to my eyes...

  4. Well in all fairness, hardcore Bruce fans have always hated Bon Jovi, except in the rare cases that they are also hardcore Bon Jovi fans. So there have been a lot of surprisingly positive responses to what I think was a genuine tribute to a friend.


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