Friday, June 24, 2011

Something to Believe In + These Days from Edinburgh

A couple of videos from Bon Jovi's Murrayfield concert on June 22, 2011.

Something to Believe In

Still not as good as Sydney 2010 but this is one of my favourite songs as some of you know, so I'm glad they've pulled it out a few times on the tour.

These Days

Final song of the night, with Jon ad libbing in reference to his knee injury:
From a second storey window, his knee popped and he closed his eyes
He said "Mama, I must be crazy"
And she said "Jonny, you gotta try"
Don't you know that all our heroes died

Hath's Circle Tour Blog should have all the videos from this show in due course.


  1. yikes! That crowd reaction at the outro of STBI was horrendusly flat.

  2. Just from what the people who went to the show said, it didn't seem like a perfect audience to whip out STBI on. Nevertheless, I never complain at more TD songs.

  3. Ditto... I'm pretty biased when it comes to TD.


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