Tuesday, June 7, 2011

JBJ wraps up listening tour

Ahead of the start of Bon Jovi's European tour, Jon was in Newark, New Jersey -- the last stop on his "listening tour" as part of the White House Council:
Flanked by Mayor Cory Booker, Bon Jovi sat among city teens and young adults today as they explained the hurdles preventing them from finishing school and finding work.

The event, held at the Newark Youth Education & Employment Success Center, was the final stop on Bon Jovi's cross-country listening tour as a member of President Obama's Council on Community Solutions.

"They are the leaders of tomorrow, but they are also very underserved," Bon Jovi said after the discussion.

The students identified bullying, difficult home lives and a lack of after-school programs as the biggest struggles facing "disengaged youth." Bon Jovi, who grew up in Sayreville, said teens in New Orleans, Houston and Atlanta, where he visited earlier in the year, face the same obstacles.

"A lot of these kids are just looking for a chance, some a second chance," the Jersey rocker said.
Read the full article here.

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