Monday, June 6, 2011

Richie Sambora back on tour

TMZ is reporting that Richie will be playing with Bon Jovi in Europe:
Richie Sambora is out of rehab and has just landed in New York City, but he's not staying long -- he's rejoining the Bon Jovi tour.

Sambora told our photog at JFK he was feeling good -- which was evidenced by the fact he signed dozens upon dozens of autographs for fans.
I think most of us had already figured he was back, but if you're attending a show on the Euro leg, you might be a little nervous until there's an official announcement... or until you physically see Richie on stage.

EDIT: And here's the video of Richie signing autographs and confirming he'll be touring again.

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  1. I'd hardly call them fans, probably memorabilia collectors. I find it hard to believe Bon Jovi fans are sitting at JFK airport just in case a member of the band happens to get off one of the thousands of flights coming in to the airport on a daily basis. -Linn in CT


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