Monday, December 20, 2010

Videos: Reclaiming The Circle in Sydney

As you may have already heard/read, Bon Jovi's three-night stand in Sydney was out of this world from a diehard's perspective, especially the second and third nights. I've been falling over myself trying to figure out what to showcase and how to split the posts up. And given Bon Jovi finally realised that this is The Circle tour, I thought some songs from that album that haven't been played that often might be a good place to start.

Happy Now (Night #3: December 19, 2010)- One of the best songs from The Circle (IMHO of course). I loved it when they used to open shows with this but I think it still works later in the set.

Thorn In My Side (Night #3: December 19, 2010) - Not one of my favourites on the album, but I've always liked it live, especially the twin jam session between JBJ and Richie Sambora at the end... although you can tell which one is the truly comfortable guitarist, haha.

Love's the Only Rule (Night #2: December 18, 2010) - Of all The Circle tracks, this is the one that "grows" the most live. Should have been a single.

I'd Die For You (partial) + Superman Tonight (Night #2: December 18, 2010) - I still think "Superman" could have done better with smarter promotion, but I guess it's a dead horse now.

More videos to come. Also check out Hath's Circle Tour blog for vids.

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  1. Great, "Happy Now" and "Love's The Only Rule" should be in the setlists more often.


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