Monday, December 20, 2010

More Sydney 2nd night videos

Here are some more videos from Bon Jovi's second Sydney show (December 18, 2010).

Last Man Standing
- I'm not 100% sold on this as an opener, but I do like the song so I'm glad they brought it back on this tour.

Just Older + I'd Die For You - I've always wondered why "Just Older" wasn't a single. It's nice to get a Slippery When Wet album track too.

Homebound Train - This is a perfect Richie Sambora song, both vocally and... guitarily (yes, I just coined a word). Suits him much better than "Lay Your Hands on Me".

Lay Your Hands on Me - Jon on lead vocals, the way it was supposed to be. ;)

Wanted Dead or Alive - I don't showcase "Wanted" on the blog too often, since it's played at every show anyway, but this was basically a duet between the crowd and Richie. A few people have mentioned that David Bryan looks annoyed about Richie getting to sing the second verse. I don't think I'd read too much into his expression though.

In These Arms
- If there was one "major" criticism about the three-night stand in Sydney, it would be that neither of the big ballads "Always" and "Bed of Roses" were played. They did at least get "In These Arms" though.

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  1. Hi, thanks for putting this together. I discovered it today and am really enjoying the material you have posted. I remember Bon Jovi from the '80s and went to the first Sydney show - my first Bon Jovi show! I thought it was awsome, but after reading the reviews of the second and third shows I almost feel like I missed out! Next time I really want to try to get closer - Jon's interaction with the crowd is fantastic. What a showman. Keep up the good work. Cheers


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