Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jon Bon Jovi on Larry King + Billboard's top tour has some video clips up of Jon's interview with Larry King, which aired on December 9, 2010:
Thanks to NJGirl4523 for the heads-up. The videos cover about half the interview. A transcript of the full interview is also available. Perhaps the most interesting thing Jon says is that they're taking the tour to Israel, which hadn't been officially announced yet.

(EDIT: You can now download the full interview from Hath.)

Meanwhile, The Circle Tour is the top grossing tour of 2010 according to Billboard:
Bon Jovi's Circle tour (which has morphed into a greatest-hits tour that extends into 2011) leads all touring artists. Grossing $146.5 million, the four New Jersey boys played for 1,591,154 people at 69 reported shows.

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