Sunday, December 12, 2010

Reviews from Melbourne

Andrew Murfett's review of Bon Jovi's December 10 show at Rod Laver Arena for Fairfax Media is mostly positive but has a thick air of condescension to it:
ONE of the most amusing books this holiday season is Things Bogans Like. Like the blog of the same name, it deftly details the likes and cultural touchstones of a significant number of Australians.

Last night at Rod Laver Arena, a good number of the 16,000 in attendance could safely be described as either the book's targets or target market. And based on the hysteria Jon Bon Jovi and his bandmates from New Jersey generated, that was just fine.
(A bogan, for the unitiated, is the Aussie or New Zealand equivalent of "white trash".) Read the rest of the review here.

Meanwhile, in the Herald Sun, Nui Te Koha said of December 11's Etihad Stadium show:
[T]here were subtle differences in the way Bon Jovi's Circle show unfolded at Etihad Stadium on Saturday night compared to their performance at Rod Laver Arena on Friday.

Then there was the obvious contrast - last night was the full-scale stadium experience, with massive video screens and enough production bells and whistles to justify a world tour schedule of 130 shows in 30 countries.

"That was like a club gig compared to this," Bon Jovi said last night. "This is going to be better."

And how.

There was no claw stage. Instead, Bon Jovi grips its believers with sweaty, back to basics rock, and upbeat anthems about better days.
Read the full article here.

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