Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wellington review + Gearing up for Perth

Short, positive review of Bon Jovi's December 4 Wellington show from Karen Hurley for the New Zealand Herald:
It was an all-singing, all-dancing cowboy and cougar convention as Bon Jovi fans "whoa whoaed" along to the pop rock band's greatest hits at Wellington's Westpac Stadium last night.

"Is this New Zealand or New Jersey?" said the band's frontman: Jon Bon Jovi felt so at home for his first North Island concert in 15 years that he could barely tell the difference.
Read the full article here. She mentioned something about Richie Sambora's guitars being the fifth member of the band, which is nice praise for Richie, but a bit insulting to my boy Hugh McDonald if I do say so myself.

In news closer to home, literally, Bon Jovi's next show is in Perth on December 8. I'm not expecting anything crazily rare, but hopefully it won't be completely vanilla either. I'm not sure what the Subiaco Oval -- I mean, Patersons Stadium -- security will be like on Wednesday, but I'll do my best to get videos especially if anything a bit out of the ordinary occurs.

Here are my requests, in case anyone from the Bon Jovi camp reads this:
  • "Bed of Roses" and "Always" (or at least one of the two). We didn't get either in 2008 and prior to that Bon Jovi hadn't played in Perth since 1992. The one recurring complaint I heard after the '08 show was the lack of "Bed of Roses" and "Always". And both are on the Greatest Hits, so it makes sense.
  • ANYTHING from These Days. And while I have my preferences, I really do mean anything.
  • Anything from The Circle that isn't played at every show. "Love's the Only Rule" would be a good song to do. This IS still technically The Circle tour. And Lost Highway re-entered the ARIA charts after the last Australian tour, peaking at #2. It can't hurt to give The Circle a chance, even if it's now competing with a Greatest Hits compilation.
  • A new song from the Greatest Hits and Ultimate Collection other than "What Do You Got?". As of the December 5 Auckland show, "No Apologies" looks a real possibility. I'm keen to hear "This Is Love, This Is Life" or "The More Things Change" though.
  • No "I Love This Town". Jon, even if we serve you up some great weather and a great crowd and you start feeling around 10pm that you actually do love Perth, please do not sing this song. And even if we deliver crappy weather and a boring crowd, please do not punish us with this song. :P
Anyway, three sleeps to go. For all my cynicism online, I can't wait!

Meanwhile, here's "Summertime Blues" from the Lost Highway tour in Perth... January 25, 2008:

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