Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bon JovWe: The Power of We

Want to keep the Bon JovWe sign in New Jersey? They need your help:
In the state of New Jersey you sponsor a piece of road or highway, but they maintain it. They put a sign up for your sponsored area. Our sign is off Exit 3 of the NJ Turnpike on the way to the New Meadowlands Stadium.

We are huge fans of Bon Jovi and thought it would be great to do this sign for the fans as well as hoping the band themselves would see it and know the fans are doing something to help out. Jon is always talking about the power of we, drop the 'I' add the 'we', that's how we came up with Bon JovWe. We being the great fans of this band.

Here is how you can help. In order to keep this sign up we need donations. It costs $295 a month to keep this sign up and that part of the road clean. If you love Bon Jovi and want to help out by keeping this sign up and a road clean please make your donations via PayPal. Our email address is: bonjovwe@ymail.com The money donated is used strictly for this sign and nothing else.

Please visit the Bon JovWe website for more information and follow Bon JovWe on Twitter.

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  1. **If you love Bon Jovi, check out the new hit song called "Let The Sunrise Say Goodbye" from HWY-99 ... now available on iTunes and YouTube ~ amazing !!!


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