Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Melbourne review + JBJ on Extra

Here's another review of Bon Jovi's December 11 show at Etihad Stadium, by Undercover's Paul Cashmere. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting to see this, not even on Undercover:
I’d live to hear something from Richie Sambora’s solo album ‘Stranger In This Town’ just once. ‘Ballad Of Youth’ would be a great inclusion in their set. Richie’s one and only starring role last night was taking lead vocal on ‘Lay Your Hands On Me.
Read the full review here. There's also video of an interview with Tico Torres from the Lost Highway tour there.

Also, here's an interview that Jon did last month. He says the usual stuff about the Greatest Hits, his career, sexiness, and amusingly urges the interviewer (I think it's Renee Bargh but I'm not sure) who has recently moved from Sydney to Los Angeles to "GO BACK! Get outta here! Save yourself!" :P

Videos from Melbourne in my next post. :)


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  2. Did anyone proof read that article before it was published???

    Also, I share the sentiment about Blaze getting a lot of play even though it is a solo (and I don't think it should be on any form of Greatest Hits); however, the vast majority of Bon Jovi songs are just as much Richie's as they are Jon's... so Richie singing Lay Your Hands on Me is not him singing someone else's song. And, (unfortunate as it may seem at times) the band do need to give the audience what they want - and for a 55,000 strong crowd, that is not a Richie solo song.

    There have been many times for previous tours where Stranger in this Town has been included in the set though


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