Monday, December 20, 2010

More Sydney 3rd night videos

Here are some more cool videos from Bon Jovi's third Sydney show (December 19, 2010) and the final show of 2010.

Raise Your Hands - A high-energy opener that set the pace for the rest of the show.

I Believe - The first of several shocks of the night. Maybe it's my Oz bias, but Jon sounds much better than he did the last time they performed this, London/Twickenham 2008.

Something to Believe In - Jon made a better fist of the screaming "somethiiiiiiing" than I thought he ever could again. Incredible performance.

These Days
- An unexpectedly awesome way to end the show and a passionate performance.

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  1. Awesome video! Thanks so much for sharing.. love love love this tune.. I'm bummed they didn't do it in Brisbane.


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