Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tokyo 2 set list

The second of Bon Jovi's two nights in Tokyo. Maybe I'm naturally deluded, but I actually thought "Tokyo Road" might get a run here... After all, Bon Jovi has officially given up on The Circle and "Tokyo Road" is on the Japanese release of the Greatest Hits. Wonder if we'll get any new Greatest Hits tracks apart from "What Do You Got" before the end of the year (i.e. in New Zealand or Australia), or if they are saving them for 2011.

Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Dome - December 1, 2010
Blood on Blood
We Weren't Born to Follow
You Give Love a Bad Name
Born to Be My Baby
Lost Highway
Whole Lot of Leavin'
When We Were Beautiful
It's My Life
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
We Got It Goin' On
Bad Medicine / Roadhouse Blues [The Doors cover] / Shout! [Isley Brothers cover]
Lay Your Hands on Me [Richie Sambora on lead vocals]
What Do You Got?
(You Want to) Make a Memory
I'll Be There For You
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night [acoustic]
Work for the Working Man
Raise Your Hands
Who Says You Can't Go Home
Keep the Faith

Wanted Dead or Alive
Livin' on a Prayer

Video links on Hath's Circle Tour blog as they come.


  1. For your sake I hope you get a new song or two! I am not betting on it though. The only other song I can see them playing is the More Things Change... the best out of the 4 in my opinion. We'll see!

    Am I missing something or did the set list pretty much stay the same? Their cover of Roadhouse Blues is awesome, but that is the only exciting change I see. Raise Your Hands is always good live (on par with HAND live IMO) but the rest looks identical.

  2. The reason I am particularly disappointed with consecutive sets which are almost identical is because in countless interviews Jon goes on and on about not playing the same set every night and changing it up to keep it interesting for both the band and the numerous fans who turn up to multiple shows over many years.

    I don't want a "Greatest Hits Tour" (which is what The Circle tour has become) because most other tours have finished as pseudo Greatest Hits shows. I want to hear more from The Circle - where is "Love's the only rule" "Happy Now" "Superman Tonight". I would put "We got it goin' on" and "Whole Lot of Leavin'" away for a rest now and use at least those two spots in the set to rotate other songs.

    What happened to the "We will return to some of the early stuff" promised at the start of this tour? Not only have they abandoned that, they have completely ignored later works like "Bounce". Has anything apart from the very occasional "Open All Night" featured from Bounce?

    I will be there in Melbourne (Dec 11) and no doubt they will sound great, but I know to expect a stock-standard set of greatest hits stuff. I can't help but think Jon is just 'phoning in' these set lists... :(

  3. Honestly I am not too disappointed with them dropping the stuff off their first two albums. I know a lot of people disagree with me, but those are my two least favorite... with the exception of silent night. However, I would take just about anything in place of Lost Highway or Sleep When I'm Dead (for the 1000 time).

    I am also disappointed with the lack of Bounce material. I think Undivided, Bounce, The Distance, and Everyday could easily be rotated in. I am mainly disappointed with what they are (and are not) playing off These Days (when they do). Kudo's for Something for the Pain and when they rarely play the title track. Though Damned is great live (and I thoroughly enjoyed it in Chicago), but Damned and Diamond Ring have always been my least favorite tracks on the best album ever recored. Jon looked like he enjoyed Hard Letting You go in London... play it again Sam! I know Love Song and Lie to Me made it on the LH tour once each, but man I would love to hear those songs. And I would give my left arm to see As My Guitar Lies Bleeding. Of course, I Believe and Wild is the Wind are also on that list of must sees before I die.

  4. I totally agree with you bounce442.

    There is also some good Have a Nice Day material absent from this tour:
    Last Man Standing
    Welcome to wherever you are
    I am
    Story of my life

    I would love to see any (or all) of the following rotated through at some stage:
    I Believe
    Next 100 Years
    Say it isn't So
    The Distance
    Wild is the Wind
    Stick to Your Guns
    Hook Me Up
    My Guitar Lies Bleeding...
    Hearts Breaking Even

    From the first two albums, there are only really a few of songs that I think stack up against the rest of the material and should be played:
    Silent Night

    Other songs which I don't necessarily think are 'great' songs... but are great live songs which would be better than "We Got it Going On" are:
    One Wild Night
    Wild in the Streets

  5. I Am... How great would that be? However judging by the bootleg from the 1 time they played it, I understand why they don't. On the other hand Jon's voice is leaps and bounds better than it was on the HAND tour. Story of My Life was great live and one of their best this decade IMO. I had the pleasure of seeing Last Cigarette and Novacaine (also 2 of my favorites this decade) and both went over well, especially Last Cigarette.

    i'm there with you on your list... especially Fear!!! and everything from These Days. I'll add a couple more while we are wishing.
    Mystery Train
    Good Guys...
    Two Story Town
    Midnight in Chelsea (hey they play Blaze, why not?)
    Seat Next to You
    Brokenpromiseland... don't get me started on this one. This should have been the track they have been opening up with this tour (like OWN, Bounce, LMS, and LH on tours before). It is one of the strongest tracks on the Circle and they only play it once?!?!

    Feel free to email me privately (same at yahoo). I could go in for days and I enjoy others points of views on the subject.

  6. **Best Rock Song of 2010 - the Bon Jovi inspired hit called "Let The Sunrise Say Goodbye" from HWY-99 ... check it out on iTunes and YouTube ~ amazing !!!


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