Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reviews from Perth

Just read my after hours review of Bon Jovi's concert in Perth last night (December 8, 2010). Whoa, I hadn't realised how fangirly I sound, haha. For what it's worth, I didn't shed any tears for "Always" -- not that there's anything wrong with crying. I was very happy though. ;)

Anyway, here are some other reviews (with photo galleries and/or videos)...

Mara Fox alluded to Bon Jovi's formulaic song structures and the exorbitant ticket prices that we probably all know about by now, but her review for PerthNow is positive overall:
With blond hair waving, blue eyes flashing - and a honed white smile that was just too darn rock-star-ish to resist - legendary rocker Jon Bon Jovi got 38,000 fans to their feet at Subiaco's Patersons Stadium last night.

'If finger-lickin' mainstream rock, lashings of musical apple pie with dollops of whipped sentiment on top - delivered in an '80s blow-dried package (hell yeh!) - isn't your thing, then possibly the Bon Jovi concert is one to avoid.
Read the full review here.

Daile Pepper wrote a positive review too:
Patersons Stadium in Perth was packed with long-loving fans of rock superstar Jon Bon Jovi last night as the band kicked off their Australian tour with one almighty rocking gig.

Wearing a leather/snakeskin shirt unbuttoned to reveal his manly chest, tight black pants with added rock star sparkle and his trademark sexy stare, Bon Jovi lead the band through a set that spanned their three-decade career.
Read the full review at WA Today.

Dan the Internut (online content producer at Mix 94.5, the radio station that presented Bon Jovi in Perth) also blogged a review at the Mix website:
The crowd went bananas as the band hit their straps on the very first song of the night, the band (and Jon Bon Jovi in particular) looking in fine form. What is it about rock stars? They just don't seem to age.

When the band hit crowd favourite "It's My Life", something obviously kicked in for Jon. "Now they're waking up", he remarked to the band... You've got to give it to Jon Bon Jovi, he is the front man's front man... Jon was forever inciting the crowd to put their hands in the air, and even cracking out some Daryl Somers style moves to keep the band in check. Just like Daryl, only way cooler.
Dan, even the daggiest rock star in the universe is cooler than Daryl Somers. No offense, Daryl. Read the rest of Dan's review here (includes a pro shot video of "We Weren't Born to Follow" and "You Give Love a Bad Name").

Meanwhile, this article appeared in The West Australian as Bon Jovi hit Perth:
Globetrotting rock’n’roller Jon Bon Jovi is acclimatising to Perth ahead of the start of his seven-date Australia tour which kicks off with a gig at Patersons Stadium tonight.

Bon Jovi and other band members enjoyed a meal at The Raffles Hotel in Applecross last night with the lead singer appearing relaxed and friendly as he was driven away.
Read the rest of the article here.

I'll have some videos up in my next post. :)

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  1. Love your blog - just found it yesterday. Was searching on the net for BJ pics and videos and found this -it's awesome. Thanks for your review, and everything you post - it totally rocks, as did the concert on Wed night, i am still on a high. i've been to every perth concert, and they just get better and better. Always come away with no voice - so worth it.
    I'll be keeping up-to-date with your posts!

    Cheers, From One Happy BJ Fan!


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