Monday, December 6, 2010

Auckland review + videos

Scott Kara has reviewed the December 5 Auckland gig for the New Zealand Herald. It criticises parts of Bon Jovi's catalogue but ultimately it's not a negative review:
There are times where it's more like Bruce Hornsby and the Range than Bon Jovi.

These later songs sound sedate and a little bland in comparison to the rousing Bad Medicine and It's My Life from 2000, which was the band's last truly memorable anthem.

But despite the bouts of blandness, Bon Jovi are still superstars, even in their late 40s, early 50s.
Check out the full article here.

Speaking of Auckland, that was the best set of this leg so far, so let's have a few videos, shall we? ;)

NO APOLOGIES - Making its live debut. Not exactly my favourite song, but this is the track that Jon had wanted as the lead single from the Greatest Hits, and it's not a bad first up performance. Another video of this was uploaded to Bon Jovi's Facebook page, so you can check it out if you haven't already seen it.

ALWAYS - Yes! Very nice Richie Sambora solo too. Please play this in Perth.

BAD MEDICINE - Jon compares himself to Justin Timberlake, lol.

WHEN WE WERE BEAUTIFUL (partial) - Jon's dedication to the Pike River Miners.


  1. "If there's someone better baby, they haven't found him yet." I have never heard him change that lyric. Quite appropriate after the JT comment I might add. Good videos. Great Always solo! I am glad Richie is playing a Les Paul again. It is the only guitar that should be played on that song IMO.

  2. Thanks for up loading No Aplogies, I think it's a brilliant stomper of a track and can't wait to hear it live.

  3. Awesome "Always" solo. I agree on the Les Paul comment. :-)


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