Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Live webcast from Melbourne on December 11

A press release has just come out today about a live webcast from Etihad Stadium:
Bon Jovi is having a LIVE webcast all the way from Etihad Stadium on Saturday December 11 – 8pm (EDST)

As an Australian exclusive, Bon Jovi in partnership with News Limited, MCM Media and Movideo will stream LIVE the first 30min of their Melbourne concert this Saturday December 11 from Etihad Stadium at 8pm (EDST). Through the websites below, fans all over Australia will be able to have a taste of a LIVE Bon Jovi concert in their own home.

Exclusive LIVE Bon Jovi Webcast
Saturday December 11 - 8pm (EDST)
Read the rest here. The media release also names "No Apologies" as the new single "out now".

And for anyone who's wondering, I believe 8pm EDST is equivalent to GMT+11. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

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