Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Videos from Melbourne

As you would know if you've been following the tour, or this blog, or if you were there, Bon Jovi played two nights in Melbourne on December 10 and December 11. I promised some videos, so here we go. :)

Diamond Ring, December 11 - Some people find this song a snoozefest, but I never get bored of "Diamond Ring". Jon and Richie sound great on it. Though I will say I appreciate it a lot more now than I did the first time I listened to it. Bon Jovi played it both nights in Melbourne; this video is from the second night.

Always (partial), December 11 - The start of the song is missing, but it's a pretty good video. They should always play this. I've said it a few times and I'll say it again because... well, c'mon, it's your biggest worldwide hit, guys!

Love's the Only Rule (partial), December 10 - I was hoping someone would capture the whole song; it's been far too long. Should have been a single. Anyway, this video documents the part of the song where Jon enters the crowd and everyone tries to cop a feel. ;)

Have a Nice Day (December 11) - After being played every show on the Have a Nice Day and Lost Highway tours, this has actually become a little bit of a "rarity" on The Circle tour. I personally prefer it to "It's My Life" but I guess they can't really not play "It's My Life"... although they can apparently drop "Always" for five years!

Check out Hath's Circle Tour blog for more videos from Rod Laver Arena and Etihad Stadium.

Also, leave a comment below if you find videos of "Love's the Only Rule", "Thorn in my Side", "Dry County", "Last Man Standing" and "Superman Tonight" from Rod Laver (December 10).


  1. I NEVER tire of listening to Jon sing Always, and yeah its his best ever song. Love Richie on the guitar doin his solo bit. xxx

  2. Damn that is a good solo in Always and probably the best video yet of Love's the Only Rule. It really captured it only if it was just the second half.


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