Thursday, July 22, 2010

Videos: Always, Beautiful, Bad Medicine from Toronto and Winnipeg

A couple of videos from two of Bon Jovi's recent shows in Canada.

ALWAYS (Toronto: July 20, 2010) - The band apparently surprised Jon with this at the start of the encore, and there's just a hint of stinkeye in the Richie Sambora direction about three minutes in. Nevertheless, Jon seems happy enough by the end of Richie's solo.

WHEN WE WERE BEAUTIFUL (Winnipeg: July 17, 2010) - I quite like the placement of this song further down the set. It's more intimate that way.

And in case we were getting a little ballad-heavy...


OLD TIME ROCK 'N' ROLL w/ Kid Rock (Toronto: July 20, 2010)

Still looking for videos from the second Toronto show... specifically "Damned" and "Turn the Page".

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  1. there is a damned video already on youtube


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