Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rock solid Jon Bon Jovi

This article by Nui Te Koha was in the Herald Sun:
HIS anthems follow a populist formula, but Jon Bon Jovi is not a rock star cliche.

"This cliche of being in a rock band - who gives a sh... any more?" Bon Jovi says, smiling. "It's not sexy, it's not fun, it's certainly not important.

"If your headlines are more about drink and drug habits, and not records or touring ability, you're an idiot."
Check out the full article here. Australia's on quite the Jovi high at the moment; I actually wouldn't mind if someone grew a pair and wrote something a little less fluffy. :P

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  1. Well said. and I'm glad someone like him said it. This is why Jon Bon Jovi, and the band will always be tops in my book. They're a "no-bullshit" band and they're amazing at what they do.


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