Thursday, July 8, 2010

Coming full circle to NZ + Melbourne sold out

Here's a snippet of an article by Desmond Sampson in the New Zealand Herald, featuring an interview with Jon Bon Jovi:
"But I think the one good thing we've learned from doing that - from pushing ourselves - is that when you think you've had enough and feel like you shouldn't be on the road, you really shouldn't be on the road.

"That's why we're looking forward to coming out to New Zealand now," he adds, excitedly. "This time we're ready and able, as opposed to the first time we came in 1987 when we were completely exhausted and it felt like we'd been pulled across the rack, getting on that plane to Australia and New Zealand.

"When I look back on it, we shouldn't have done that tour because we were beat, so we didn't do ourselves or the fans justice," he admits. "But it wasn't anyone's fault - we were all caught up in the moment and kept hearing: 'there's another great opportunity; a chance to add another date to the tour; to play New Zealand', when really what we should have been told was `take some time off, go to bed ... '
Read the full article at this link.

Also, according to Ticketmaster, the Melbourne show on December 11 is sold out and unlike Sydney there won't be a second date added. Apparently only 20,000 tickets were available when the show went on sale to the general public today, while 30,000 had gone to pre-sales and competitions beforehand. I think Melbourne sold out on the first day of the general sale on the Lost Highway tour as well, so I'm surprised they haven't scheduled another concert.

EDIT: July 9 - Some General Admission (Standing Room) tickets were released for Melbourne today. They're selling on Ticketmaster for $153.

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