Monday, July 5, 2010

Live Before You Die blog contest

New competition on!
What is YOUR ideal Bon Jovi concert experience? Now is your chance to share it with us! As the current leg of Bon Jovi's The Circle Tour draws to a close, we're asking YOU, Bon Jovi's most loyal fans, to create a blog describing your dream Bon Jovi concert experience. The winner will receive two tickets to Bon Jovi's last show of this leg of the Circle Tour on July 31st at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL!
Click here for more details. Basically you use the images provided plus your imagination to describe your dream Bon Jovi concert, then e-mail the link to by July 26.

I had a look at the fine print and it appears only legal residents of the US and Canada are eligible for the prize, which sucks. But I think I might still write something similar anyway... maybe... either way, stay tuned.


  1. wrote mine before realising it was for US peeps only...I'd already written it though so shared it anyway!

  2. Oooohhh! I'm going to that show! Seriously. Birthday present to myself. And I'm an American. If I enter maybe they'll do my dream show LOL. I haven't seen them since the New Jersey tour. Lots to hear live for the first time.

    I bet they'll hook up all y'all Down Under with a cool contest closer to the shows. Don't fret. Perth to O'Hare is quite the trip for free tix anyway. You'd be too jet lagged to rock. You'd be disqualified as a professional Bon Jovi blogger. Are these coping thoughts helping at all?

    - Crystal

  3. lol thanks... as for blogging your dream show, go for it! :)


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