Friday, July 16, 2010

Jon Bon Jovi: He'll be there for you / Richie Sambora on Boom FM link

There's a nice interview with Jon by Richard Ouzounian for the Toronto Star.

I pulled out a couple of quotes that popped out at me. Here's Jon talking describing their overexertion in the 80s:
“As a kid, you’re out there trying to establish a foundation for your career. You want to do everything you can, be all things to all people and so you just look at your life in the short term.

“But once you stop, pull back and look at what you’ve been doing, you can really scare yourself.”

And Jon on faith and philanthropy:
“When you’re a little kid, you see all the bad things in the world and promise you’re going to fix them one day, but then you forget about all it,” he says. “Back when I was 20, it wasn’t the first or even the 10th thing on my mind.

“But when I hit 40, I started looking for something more in my life. Something to believe in. I was raised Catholic, but I have a lot of issues with what’s gone on in that Church. I’m heartbroken by it. The way I was raised was regimented by fear. Eat meat on Friday and you go to hell. What does a kid learn from that?

“You’ve got to find your spirituality wherever you can. I found it in good deeds. The greatest reward I have in my life is putting a roof over someone’s head and handing them the keys when they never thought they’d have a place of their own.”

Read the full article at this link.

Meanwhile, Hath has Richie's interview on Boom 97.3FM up on her blog.

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