Friday, July 16, 2010

Bon Jovi Circle Tour by numbers

750,000 Pixels in the large curved video screen
800,000 Total watts that the sound system can generate
21,933 Hours of labour that went into the manufacturing of the stage set and tracking video columns
9,000 Feet of aluminum used to build the stage
6,000 Amps of power generated by the lights during one stadium show
4,300 Square footage of the large high def video screen behind the stage (largest in the world)
1,000 Total number of road cases used to transport all the equipment for the tour including lights, audio, video, stage, band instruments, wardrobe, etc.
905 Total kilowatts of power consumed during one stadium show for lights, audio, video, rigging, motion control and robots
500 Number of cups of coffee made on tour daily
150 Weight of the outdoor stage in tons
135 Number of shows on the entire Circle Tour
97 Number of Bon Jovi songs that the video team had to program content for in case they are played during the tour
80 Number of local crew members recruited in each city to help build and tear down the production/staging
68 Number of touring crew members
30 Number of countries Bon Jovi will visit on the Circle Tour

Source: I mention this article and its interview with Jon in my previous post but figured the number crunching warranted a separate post.

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  1. I saw those stats too and I was amazed that there were 97 possible songs that could be included on any given concert of the tour.


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