Friday, July 16, 2010

Billboard Q&A: Jon Bon Jovi talks pushing himself on tour

Billboard conducted this interview during Bon Jovi's O2 residency in London. Jon talks about pushing boundaries, cutting his teeth in New Jersey bars, and the YouTube Age. Here's a taste:
Do you ever get stage fright?
Nooooo. Are you crazy? Who would call 70 songs and have fear? If you saw me right now, I'm sitting on a speed boat, we're gonna fly down the river, have Kid Rock meet us to learn a couple songs on the stage [at the 02], and do 'em tonight. That's not fear. There's nothing to be fearful about. They don't shoot you for it.
This bit was kind of interesting too:
There's nothing you can say or do without thinking this can be broadcast right now. I'll give you a case in point where it worked against [us]: I was dying to play these people five new songs that Richie and I wrote for "Greatest Hits," but I said "I can't do it." I knew it would be out now, so I couldn't even get their opinions, I had to wait. But my curiosity was killing me. I wanted to see what they thought of them.
Damn, those would have been great to see/hear. Kind of like the pizza parlour jury on a wider scale. I have seen some artists perform songs before they've been released, at proper concerts let alone fan club functions which is what Jon was talking about, but I don't know how the record company would feel about it in this case.

Anyway check out the full interview on Billboard.

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