Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jon Bon Jovi calf injury

As has been mentioned, Jon injured himself during Bon Jovi's Meadowlands Stadium "grand finale", which turned out to be a fizzer.

He hurts it about a minute into this video of "Glad All Over". Maybe because I knew it was coming, but I actually winced.

You can see Jon struggling in this one too.


  1. I love how he says, "I've got another leg; I don't need this one." Haha.

  2. Yep that was painful to watch. Same for the final bows video - now removed by user. Hopefully it is a low-grade calf sprain and not majorly serious.

    And hope they get their heads out of their asses and screwed on right for next shows

  3. They didn't sound real tight last night at all. Jons vocals were barely audible at times. Too damn many ballady songs. Hope he gets better though. Going to see again in boston with my son.

  4. It was pretty hot out there, from the looks of it I would say a calf cramp.

  5. to womanofthecity get your head out of your ass!! they put on a great show as always if you don't think they did then you are not a true fan.and if you don't think they sounded good clean out your ears!!!!!!

  6. WTF..wasn't good...that concert was amazing!


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