Monday, July 26, 2010

More Foxboro reviews

A couple more reviews of Bon Jovi's July 24 show in Foxborough.

Here's one by Jim Sullivan for the Boston Herald:
Somewhere, deep inside Gillette Stadium Saturday night, Bill Belichick was smiling.

It had nothing to do with the Patriots, and everything to do with a sold-out concert by the coach’s favorite band, Bon Jovi. He wasn’t alone. About 51,000 others were expressing joy.
Read the full review here.

Mike Hirsh of the Boston Globe was less forgiving:
Such is the reach of Bon Jovi that it’s not even necessary to like the band at all to have known just about every song played Saturday night at Gillette Stadium. Of course, they’re so overstuffed with clich├ęs both musical and lyrical that even new songs sound familiar, but after a quarter century of almost astonishingly consistent hitmaking, they’re practically encoded in our DNA whether we want them there or not.
Read the full review at this link.

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