Friday, July 23, 2010

Bon voyage: Jovi's stadium mega-shows

There's an interview with Richie Sambora in the Boston Herald ahead of Bon Jovi's July 24 show at Gillette Stadium... here's a taste:
It seems with “The Circle” there’s a bit more grit and reflection. Any thoughts?
It really constitutes a lot of different things. It constitutes growing up. It’s always relying on your influences and rediscovering what your roots are. We’re on a constant quest for evolution. There’s a populist, working-class ethic to it. Jon and I have probably written close to 500 songs, and you draw a lot from what’s happening in the culture and what’s happening in the world. “The Circle” couldn’t have been written at a different time. Those songs were written about how people were feeling about the economic crunch. It’s not a political album per se, but it’s an album about how people were reacting to what was happening in the world. It was right at the time of the election and a lot of people had a lot of hope that Obama was gonna get elected. There’s a string of hope that goes through those songs and there was a string of doubt, a lot of different emotions.
Read the full article by Jim Sullivan at this link.

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