Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bon Jovi special editions collector's box set (Japan import)

When I got the e-mail about this box set earlier today, two things immediately came to mind:
  1. I miss Japan (I spent most of last December and a bit of January in Tokyo). Japan has the coolest stuff. (Tower Records in Shibuya, folks... as close to heaven on earth as you'll get if you love music.)
  2. Freaking hell Bon Jovi, how much more money do you freaking need?!

The box set itself is actually pretty sweet:
This fantastic Global Exclusive Bon Jovi Special Editions Collector’s Box Set features Japanese Paper Sleeve versions of all eleven 2010 Special Editions plus an exclusive documentary DVD, Access All Areas: A Rock & Roll Odyssey, all packaged in a superb road case style box.

Each Special Edition includes a re-mastered version of the original album plus bonus live tracks. Each Special Edition also comes with a laminate “Backstage Tour Pass” reproduction and every CD unlocks the "virtual tour experience" consisting of exclusive bonus content, extra tracks, and access to exclusive Bon Jovi tour memorabilia.
Not at US $299 though. I haven't got any of the special editions as yet and would really love Access All Areas but honestly, I would find $300 in Australian dollars on the excessive side, let alone the financial hemmorrhaging that is this price in American currency.

Hath has done a great/amusing cost-benefit analysis of this box set on her blog. And her analysis of the O2 residency with reference to Jon's 70-song promise is worth checking out too.

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