Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Videos from London (O2#6-8)

Some videos from June 17-20 of Bon Jovi's residency at the O2 arena.

THORN IN MY SIDE (Night #6: June 17, 2010) - This deserves a run every night of the Circle Tour. It really comes into its own live, and the twin solo/jam session at the end of the song is awesome. (Cheers to Jay for sending me the link to this video).

WILD IN THE STREETS (Night #7: June 19, 2010) - That was fun! I'd forgotten how much I actually like this song.

SOMEDAY I'LL BE SATURDAY NIGHT (Night #7: June 19, 2010) - An incredible performance, which includes some ad lib references to "Something to Believe In"

SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN (Night #7: June 19, 2010) - Speaking of which... how about ANOTHER video of this? :P

SQUEEZE BOX (Night #8: June 20, 2010)- A closer video of this cool acoustic cover.

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