Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bon Jovi's O2 rooftop gig + O2 reviews and interviews + Greatest Hits news

First things first. Last night Bon Jovi became the first band to play on the roof of London's O2 Arena, prior to the opening show of their 12-date residency... and today it actually cracked a mention on the news here in Perth, which was a big moment for me. :P

You can check out Sky News' video of "We Weren't Born to Follow" here. They also played "Superman Tonight", "You Give Love a Bad Name" and "It's My Life" on the roof.

Now here's a review of opening night at the O2 by Robert Heller for Bloomberg News:
The main event, though, is the singer. With his matinee- idol cheekbones and blue-eyed gaze, the all-American hero, 48, is born to perform. His hair is salon perfect while his super- white smile is the most dazzling thing on the O2’s stage. He moves into the audience to give a chaste kiss on the cheek to some female fans (and one excited guy). He also sings, powering hard-rock and pop-rock anthems.
Check out the full review here. It's not the most glowing review but not really negative either.

Neil McCormick was more critical in the Telegraph:
There is something inauthentic about them, almost a shamelessness in the way they appropriate bits of roots Americana, Springsteen-ish blue collar rock, 1980s LA glam metal and U2-style stadium anthems, with cheesy pop hooks and relentlessly upbeat self-help slogan choruses.

Meanwhile, Richie Sambora had a few interesting things to say to Billboard, including this about the O2 rooftop gig:
"We like to push the envelope and do things that people normally don't do ... We like to do stuff that has impact because I think that people remember those things as big events and they become part of rock lore, part of history and part of rock culture."
and this about the upcoming greatest hits release:
"About three weeks ago Jon calls me up and says, 'let's write a couple more songs just for fun.' So we wrote a couple of songs and they turned out real good... so there's now four new songs on the greatest hits. We haven't released a greatest hits since 1995 so that will give us product through to the summer of 2011"

And David Bryan was also interviewed about touring:
"I still just can't wait to get in front of the crowd and start performing.
"It's the fun that keeps us going. Fun with a capital F."

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