Sunday, June 13, 2010

More London O2 videos: June 11

Some more videos from Bon Jovi's fourth night at The O2.

LET IT ROCK - I know I posted a couple of vids of this already in my previous post but given this hasn't been played since 1991 (not 1987 as Jon claims, but still a very long time) I think it's worth it. Plus, this video was taken right up the front and includes Jon's introduction. I like that "Let It Rock" seems to have been done as a "keyboard tribute" to David Bryan, who'll miss tonight's show due to the Tony Awards, but hopefully it'll be played at other shows too.

OPEN ALL NIGHT - I think this is an underrated track... but it's a song that fans seem to either love or hate, and one that Jon apparently shies away from singing for fear of a poor reception.

RADIO SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT - The live version lacks a lot of the power of the studio recording because Jon sings the chorus an octave lower, but I still love the song and love it when Bon Jovi plays it.

HAPPY NOW / WE WEREN'T BORN TO FOLLOW - No disrespect to "Blood on Blood" which is a fantastic song, but I really really really like "Happy Now" as an opener. It also makes sense because this is The Circle Tour. Besides, I don't see any reason why you couldn't play both "Happy Now" AND "Blood on Blood" at the same gig.

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