Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bon Jovi to play 70 songs at the O2; Richie & Bobby visit Marshall

Bon Jovi plans to play 70 unique songs during its O2 residency...
Singer Jon Bon Jovi said that he had been inspired by bakers to continually change the band's set list.

"Would you buy yesterday's bread from a baker? These set lists are all made fresh,” he said. “Delivered every night at 7:30...the delivery men wait outside my door, patiently for its arrival.”

Not sure if that was meant to be funny but it was... in a good way though. And it's on the record now, Jon!

Also check out The Goddess Hathor's blog for an analysis of the song count.

In other news, Richie Sambora and Bobby Bandiera visited Marshall Amplification a couple of days ago (June 21).
Legendary Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora took a day out of his busy schedule while on tour in the UK and flew into Bletchley via private helicopter to pay us a visit!

Accompanied by second guitarist currently on tour with Bon Jovi, Bobby Bandiera, they enjoyed a tour of the factory and got the opportunity to try out a number of different amps right here in our on-site theatre. Richie purchased two 100 Watt 1959HW heads and two 1960 handwired cabinets. We also showed him a couple of prototypes of future units that he loved so much he wanted to buy there and then! Unfortunately being prototypes we were unable to sell them, but have allowed him to borrow them for the rest of the tour.
Check out the photos at this link.

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